LA Weekly Ten Best Taco Trucks

I usually hate these lists. And yet @KatherineSpiers does a commendable job with this one. Taco Zone surely doesn’t qualify but the fact that I will inevitably eat there again disarms complaint.


I think El Momo and El Korita need to be on any “Top 10 Taco Truck” list for Los Angeles.

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I do love me some Korita.

i am partial to el momo, but they’re not always where you expect them to be on a given night - or day. i went for a friday lunch and they were nowhere to be found on fairmount - which is especially odd because i’m sure a family member lives there, as you see patrons routinely coming in and out of the house with plates. i’m also partial to el momo as i’ve observed them give a taco or two away to panhandlers soliciting the customers.

As timely and good as Tacos Juanitas was last night (despite the dry ass tortillas and gristly al peezee) my guts are in a world of hurt. Damn. Not doing that again.