LA Weekly's food festval

Who went on Sunday ?

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I went once last July, and I actually left without buying anything. Each vendor seemed quite expensive for what was being offered, and the vibe was waaaaaay too hipster for my tastes. Has Smorgasburg improved any since then, or is it like the 626 Night Market in that the QPR just gets worse with time?

I enjoyed Smogasburg when I went yesterday. It was busy but not crazy. Parking has always been easy when i’ve been. Fun to walk around in an oasis in the middle of a bunch of warehouses. I didn’t see a lot of man buns or ironic beards if you are worried about that. Foodwise it’s a bunch of food trucks i mean what do you expect? most food is in the 10-14$ range.

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this event is one where you buy a ticket to go in and all the food and drinks are included with your admission.

It was amazing… to not go to… went to restaurants instead like a normal family


Wait, so like LA Weekly the magazine organized a food festival, not the weekly food festival in LA, otherwise known as Smorgasburg? Now I’m very confused what this thread is about.

Correct, it’s one of the longest running food events in the city. Used to be hosted by Jonathan Gold when he was with LA Weekly.


Thanks for the clarification. @ipsedixit, can we get some proper capitalization for the thread title to make things more clear? Thanks!

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[quote=“strongoxman, post:6, topic:5351”]
Now I’m very confused what this thread is about.
[/quote][quote=“strongoxman, post:8, topic:5351”]
can we get some proper capitalization for the thread title to make things more clear?
[/quote]I thought it was pretty clear.

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Without capitalization, “weekly” was descriptive of "food festival. So the title read as though the discussion was about a weekly food festival in Los Angeles.

Yah, I get that, but I wasn’t confused :relaxed:.

Just thought there was a nicer way to suggest that someone else’s thread be altered.

Lol, not everyone that reads this thread is from Los Angeles. If I were were reading about Philadelphia in various threads, I would have been somewhat confused trying to figure out where the weekly food festival is held. :wink:

I think it’s okay to request a correction to clarify. :kissing_heart:

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Excellent point. I just thought assuming it was Smorgasburg when that wasn’t in the title either was a mistake too…

Psst… There’s a way to discreetly change the title yourself without calling out the OP’s mistake publicly. As long as you’re not changing the whole body, OP shouldn’t mind.

No biggie. :kissing_heart: to you too.

Wow, I hardly think asking the mod to clarify the title should in any way be misconstrued as an insult to the OP. Are we even more thin-skinned than Donald Trump’s twitter account on this board??


Then do tell, because I certainly don’t see any way to edit someone else’s post titles.

By the way, you’re the one referring to OP’s title as a “mistake”–I never asserted that, and frankly, nothing was technically incorrect about the title, though the lack of capitalization in the publication’s name made the subject unclear given that Los Angeles also has a weekly food festival held on Sundays.

Now can we please get back to food? :smiley:

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Okay, okay! :blush: I’m a little protective of my @Funtimes.

If you hit the black pencil next to the heading you can edit. I usually do it if we’ve discussed changing the thread to include something else, etc. or I ask OP’s permission. But I don’t see any harm in or need for permission to change spelling or add a capital letter.

Happy Festival Eating or Not!

I don’t have a black pencil next to headings; are you sure you don’t have some elevated member permissions?

Ahhh… could be. You’ll have to start posting more… :wink:

That’s what I mean. Sorry people.

The Essentials lasted Sunday.

Thank you @TheCookie I could kiss you. :kissing_heart:

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