Lack of packaged prepared entrees at Costco?

We’ve been disappointed lately to not be able to find anywhere near the number of packaged prepared dinner entrees at the four Costco’s here in South Orange County, CA. Due to lack of time we’ve been relying a lot on their items like lamb shanks, stuffed chicken breasts, stuffed turkey rolls, pasta entrees, and a few other items. Over the past two or three months the selection has dwindled as if Costco is going out of that category. Seems like they’re adding in-house entree selections though.

Anyone have any insight as to why this might be … or info on timing for more availability?? Or, I guess, a different situation in other areas?

What’s on the shelves where they used to be?

Seemed like, at the one store today, more of things like pulled pork, chimichangas, lasagna, sliced beef… Seemed like bigger quantities of items they’ve had, but far less interesting than the variety there was before. Gone narrow and deep.

Costco carries what they think will sell. Their profit margin is pretty thin so shelf space has to work hard - stuff has to move. If Costco eats spoilage, then turnover is even more important.

Based on my contact with Costco in MdR, mgmt has a certain amount of autonomy/wiggle room to adjust to local demand/preferences. If enough customers request certain items, and if the store can source it, they will do their best to carry it. Spend a few minutes explaining this issue and you might get some movement.

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We’ve been buying similar items there for maybe 5 years. The specific entrees change over time, like lamb shanks with a tomato sauce changed to one with a garlic sauce, or one chicken entree changes to something slightly different. Used to have things like beef stew or sirloin tips. Now they’re replaced by what seem like less interesting products. I get the profit issue, so it might be that product cost is going up and they’re trying to keep within a retail range. I’m going to ask someone next time.

Costco has just partnered with Google Express to deliver items, They have a $25 discount on your first order. Perhaps that could help with your dilemma.

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I’ve been really disappointed recently with the chewing gum selection at my local Costco.

Well, interesting service but they don’t appear to include any items requiring refrigeration. Just packaged (dry) products. Thanks anyway.

Ipse, sometimes I’m not sure if you’re being serious or not. Then, again, I haven’t chewed gum in maybe 20 years, so I don’t think I’ve ever checked their selection, so … carry on!

Oh no. I’m being totally serious.

I’m a big gumaholic. And now I’m resorting to Smart N Final for my chewing gum needs. (And it is a need)

Not quite.

I need it in bulk (as in wholesale bulk) and sugar-free.