Lai Hong Lounge in Chinatown

This place was mentioned by some folks in FTC, and looked good on Yelp, so decided to eat here on our trip to SF. We went for a conference for husband, so stayed in conference hotel near Union Square. That meant we could walk here for lunch. We got there around 1130 on a Thursday and there was a line! We walked in to put our name on the list and a woman handed me her number and said “I can’t wait any longer. Take my number.” Cool!

Very quickly, they seemed to call our number, though it was a little unclear, they also seemed to want us because we were a party of two. We got seated a large table with another couple, who ended being a party of four, a family, and then a single diner. We all got menus and it got confusing for the wait staff, who brought us menus again, after someone had taken our order. You order by checking off boxes on the menu itself.

This was amazing - salt and pepper green beans. Addictive!! I want to try to make at home.

These were good, but not my fave. Mushrooms with shrimp. I prefer my mushrooms less moist.

I ordered the fried taro but got these instead and didn’t realize until after we’d eaten. I don’t normally ordered shrimp balls, but these were very good!

Alway get these if I can. These were very good!

Mushroom and pork!

Tried these first at Longo and now I love them. Chou Zhou.

All good!!

These were crazy sweet. Don’t like sweet tamales, sweet tacos and super sweet dim sum. So we gave these to the single woman at our table. The other party of four had ordered egg tarts, which almost every table had.

The entire time, the place was packed. We will be back!