Laksa with rice noodles in Manhattan?

Does anyone have recommendations for really great singaporean laksa in Manhattan specifically with the chewy thicker udon-size rice noodles? Taste Good in Elmhurst seems to be exactly what I’m looking for but I would really prefer a spot in Manhattan as Elmhurst is extremely out of the way for me unfortunately. Perfect Taste in chinatown is on my list but unfortunately it looks like they don’t have the thicc rice noods I’m looking for (I’ll still go though!). Thanks in advance!

Maybe try Laut Singapura and request egg noodles only.

Disclaimer: I’ve never dined there

Oooh perfect thank you! Definitely will give it a try!

When all else fails :point_down:

Lol, i actually have that in my amazon cart. My singaporean friend used to make laksa using that Prima taste pack which is the taste I’ve been wanting, so I asked her for the recipe and she sent me that. I will probably give it a go soon with some lai fun from chinatown.

Honestly the offerings from Prima Taste are likely better than 99.99% of comparable bowls in US restaurants.