Langer's pastrami bread/bomb thing at Milk Bar

Borrowed the picture from Eater LA write up from today. There is no description other than what is in the caption below. There are 3-4 shots of pepperoni bread and cheese bread. At the other locations they have cheese bombs and bagel bombs.

The menu for Los Angeles is not on the website yet. I’ve been looking at the picture and think it’s some type of riff on the #19 with a cole slaw, Russian and pickle type concoction.

Somebody please go and report back. Thanks.



Wow. Such amaze.

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I think you meant to say…


Or “…ment”?

Just stop it . Amazeballs. Second time I heard this word today . No, no . I am going to start saying groovy or bitchin. Lol .


I love you, Em :slight_smile: And isn’t that word already out of style??? Or is it just for “Valley Girls”?

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I’ve had the Vegas offerings of bagel bomb and breakfast roll…I was pretty pleased. I’m super excited to try the L.A. specials.

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Such amaze persons waiting 5-6 hour long time


TBH I’ve never bought anything from milk bar that I thought was worth the money. 2 visits, 8 different items.

“arrived at 10:30…4:20 arrived at the register”. :rofl:

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I could have flown to the milk bar in vegas, eaten lunch at momofuku, lost a few hands at blackjack and flown back in less time.


Never underestimate the power of Netflix.

PB, I think I’d have flown to NYC and skipped the blackjack :slight_smile:

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I tried it and enjoyed it. You can get it warmed up, which I had and recommend, or room temperature (why?). A nice savory bite to go with something sweet. My favorites on the sweet side were the crack pie and the chocolate malt shake.

How long did you wait in line?

My friend from work said the wait yesterday mid-day was around 45 minutes.

That’s not as bad as I thought it would be. The Vegas location is about 30 minutes on weekend nights.

I went during the preview so there was a minimal line.

I remember when it was just the little spot attached to Ssam in NYC. Even then, when I absolutely think it was head and shoulders better than it is now, I couldn’t stomach waiting more than 5 minutes or so.

Friends wanted to go Saturday, and I (gently) tried to talk them out of it, even saying that with no line, it’s still not in the top 5 bakeries in the city (to me).

Thankfully that assuaged them, as I would’ve lost my mind seeing that line, much less being asked to wait in it.

As someone else pointed out … the power of Netflix and Marketing (same thing, really), an association with Chang, and saturated coverage from Eater and others (not criticizing the coverage) ensured an absolutely insane opening day.

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It’s not even close to top 5…

Everything is so cloyingly sweet, I guess there is a market for that but I don’t even go in DC where there’s no line. I never had it in the early days so perhaps it was good at one point.