Langer's property up for sale

“An advertisement for the sale of the building called it a “development opportunity,” implying changes could be coming for Langer’s.”

Langer’s Deli property up for sale

Westlake’s a changin’…

Fingers crossed for them.





This is why you put your money in real estate, not food. (@Nemroz)


Oh no. Is Langers a designated historic site or whatever they call it? That could save them. Anyway, the real estate company should know how much of LA they’ll piss off if they try to redevelop the site.

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i haven’t come across many developers who give a fuck who they piss off. i think it’s a requisite for that sort of work.



The Langer family trust, he said, owns the Langer’s parking lot at the northeast corner of 7th Street and South Westlake Avenue as well as a building on the southwest corner; the deli could potentially move to one of those locations, which are both a block away from its current home.

Worst come to Worst they could still stay in the neighborhood…

remind me to never share anything personal again.

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Is it not rather ironic that a forum full of so-called “food lovers” chastises someone for wanting to invest any money or passion into creating a new food experience?

Do all of the people on here who claim to cherish the great dining experiences they seek out think the chefs and restauranters who make it all possible are bumbling idiots who deserve to be stomped out of existence?

I would visit your specialty pizza shop.

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I don’t read every thread on FTC, but I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.

second that

Sometimes the naysayers are the best motivators.

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@Nemroz proposed opening a new specialty East Coast pizza shop and most of the “regulars” have been taking every opportunity o insult him and remind him of how “stupid” he is for ever entertaining opening a new and exciting restaurant concept.

atwater could sure use one just sayin’

Ehhhh… @Nemroz definitely asked the board if he was crazy for thinking about quitting his job to open a pizza place. In the main thread on the topic, I didn’t see any nastiness or toxicity, but some posters giving their opinion that it may not be the best idea in their opinion and why. Maybe you’ve seen toxicity in other threads, but I haven’t (yet). Most had the sentiment that the odds are not in his favor, not to bank on automatic success for having a superior and/or unique product, and to think about the impact on personal time and family w/r/t young kids. Others, of course, said to go for it.

Personally, I thought all the points were good points, and they were all relevant for consideration.


I didn’t at all take it as that. People were rationally cautioning me against the obvious risks of opening a shop. Especially so when weighed against a good career that one worked for in and after college. It was sober minded.

But ya, I think I can do it but would be trading in a good life for a tough one with possibly more upside.

My retort on this thread was kind of a joke but I forgot the emojis


People get jealous of others succeeding. Go after your dream Nemroz . Always the naysayers holding you back .