Lao Sze Chuan

Lao Sze Chuan

I have been reading about this place and am ready to go. New in Glendale, again, across the street from the Americana at Brand.

Supposedly, the highest rated Szechan restaurant in Chicago [not sure if that is meaningless]. I noticed that a good portion of the dishes are in the $25.00 and up range … including the toothpick lamb of local fame.

Anyway, has anyone tried this one yet? I searched but …

discussed below, but no reports

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They do takeout too FYI

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I believe Chengdu Taste also does take-out".

I wonder how different their lunch menu is. I’ll find out soon.

Actually, I noticed it when they opened. i’d looking the window and no one was eating there. I looked at the menu and it was very limited.

apparently they’ve picked up speed.

It absolutely is meaningless. Chicago is a phenomenal food city, but Chinese is not one of its strengths!

Been there, done that (Glendale location).

Pretty decent for the Glendale scene, but honestly the Szechuan heavy hitters in SGV blow LSC out of the water.

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Thanks for the reply.

Time to visit Chengdu Taste and others.

And … just now planning a trip to Chendu. Trying to determine if Fucsia Dunlop is doing her annual tour. It’s just my kind of trip!

BTW, just in case anyone else would enjoy these, YouTube is a great source for food tripping around the world.

Top of my favorites is the Food Ranger, aCanadian who speaks Chinese and lives in Chengdu. His Chinese is so good, people gather around him and ask to have their photo with him. He has dozens of videos. Also recommended is anything by Mark Weins who lives in Thailand. He has 100s of videos.


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Had a very decent meal at LSC. It was a pleasant surprise. There’s a lot of “Americanized” dishes on the menu, but if you stick with more of the Sichuan dishes you’ll be more than satisfied. Some dishes didn’t have the depth of Chengdu Taste and Sichuan Impression, but still quite tasty and on par with what I’ve eaten in some places in Chengdu.


  • you live closer,
  • don’t want to wait in long lines,
  • want to have an ice cold beer or wine, and
  • want to watch the game…
    …it rocks.

Read some complaints that the numbing pepper was not pronounced enough. It was actually very present the night we dined and was well balanced. Service was solid. Sino presence at about half the tables was also surprising. Lots of whole fish being served.

Based upon one meal there, wouldn’t hesitate to return. Now my second favorite Sichuan restaurant where one can enjoy the food with beer & wine (Chuan’s also has a license).