Larb Thai Food & Tapas - El Cerrito

I noticed this place since it’s in the same little mall as Ba Le. Tried to go a few weeks ago but they happened to have had a visit from the health inspectors and were closed for an hour or so.


Lao papaya salad ($8). Ordered Thai spicy, came Thai spicy. Funky and good.


Dry tom yum noodle ($8). Ordered because it said SPICY! on the menu, asked for Thai spicy, came a step down from the papaya salad, which was fine. The description said “sliced pork” so I was happily surprised that some of it was liver.

My kind of place. I’ll be going back regularly. It’s just a couple of blocks from the place I buy kimchi and a slight detour from the Richmond Costco.




These were great, better than the version I had at Crying Tiger in LA. Stayed crisp.


Fermented raw pork skewer ($3) was more rare than raw once it was grilled. Really fatty and flavorful.


Pork larb with liver and skin ($9), ordered Thai spicy and came Thai spicy, good though I prefer Champa Garden’s Lao-style larb with tripe. Came with lettuce leaves.

Also had pork shoulder salad and pad Thai, both fine though kind of tame for my taste.

They were out of Singha on tap.

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Went for lunch yesterday. Got this little salad, maybe part of lunch now?

Lao-style papaya salad, ordered Thai spicy, came Thai spicy and a half.

Pork larb with liver and whatnot, ordered Thai spicy, came Thai spicy and a half.

I wonder if the cook doesn’t like really spicy food so got the balance of chiles wrong, it seemed a little bitter from too much of those small dried red ones and not enough fresh.