Las Vegas recommendations

Kabuto on the other hand is not, found out previous head chef opened up Yui after my meal at the former.

I went to Piero’s a couple years ago after hearing about it over and over again from my now-former boss, and how they have to go there every time they are in Vegas (side note: my former bosses were ballers when it came to food and wine). We were all there for a convention, and they decided to call up and book a table for 10 people an hour out. We walked in and I was amazed at how busy the place was on a weekday at 6pm! It was packed. We waited in the bar area for about 30 minutes while they got a private room ready for us.

Food was amazing – they comped us some appetizers because we had to wait (didn’t realize my boss was up there on their ass-kiss list!). We enjoyed several very good bottles of wine, fried calamari, fried mozzarella, salad, meatballs, and some stone crab claws that were in season. I had the veal piccata with mushrooms which was delicious, but had a couple bites of the chicken parm and the veal nudino (?) and they were both very good as well. We had tiramisu for dessert, which was amazing. The bill with tip was a little over $2,000, but again, we had some really good wine and my boss always tipped very well (I saw the credit card charge on the bill LOL).


I wouldn’t go to Las Vegas without a trip to Piero’s. Their garbage Ceasar salad is heaven, and a meal by itself.

Bonus points for Pia Zadora playing in the bar (don’t laugh, she’s good) and all the other entertainers that come in and do a little something with her. I’ve seen everyone from old timers like Rich Little to Luke Bryant.

She was singing when we were there. Much better than I thought she was going to be. Piero’s is a keeper.

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Rolling into Vegas in June. My cousin and I are meeting our husbands who will be returning from a hike of Havasupi Falls in AZ. Where can we go for a nice meal that won’t break the bank for dinner after they’ve recuperated from their excursion?
Any cuisine. $75 per person not including drinks, tax, and tip. Strip location ideal, but not required. No L.A.-based chefs/restaurants please.

Lotus of siam

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Probably should have posted all the places we’ve already been to…
CP Steak
Mon Ami Gabi
And a few others that have since closed (Bartalotta is sorely missed.).

LoS is most definitely on the list. Along with Bachi Burger because my husband loves the banh mi burger.

If you stick with the meatballs, caesar salad, and the pastas (which was the perfect meal for me) you can stay under 75pp at carbone.

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Thanks, @PorkyBelly! Most helpful. I don’t know if I can sell meatballs, Caesar salad, and pasta as a nicer dinner to these folks.
But I am planning on hitting up Bardot for happy hour and Milos for lunch during our trip.

Public House - Venetian
Yardbird - Venetian
Red Square - Mandalay Bay
StripSteak - Mandalay Bay

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+1 on Yardbird. It might not be nice enough if meatballs, pasta and salad doesn’t fit the bill since the main attraction here is fried chicken.

Raku is a great choice but not on the strip. You can definitely have a nice meal at under $75pp.

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Looks like my cousin and I will be arriving into town early on a Thursday morning. Where can we find a great breakfast after we drop our luggage off on the Strip? Or should we just snack and roll over to Milos for lunch? I rarely am awake for a real breakfast in Vegas.
Also considering eschewing breakfast for oysters at Palace Station and then going to afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental. We haven’t been to town in quite some time and are almost overwhelmed by number of options available.

EAT in Downtown LV has really good pancakes.

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For our other dinner I am trying to convince them to do Carbone. A meal of ceasar salad, penne a la vodka, veal parm and meatballs sounds perfect.

But the other people in our group want steak. If we go steak I was thinking of Cut, SW or Jean George. I read a good review on Cut on the board recently. Any opinions?

Yui is definitely not on par with LA’s best sushi. I’d take SW out of the equation, have had many comped meals there, definitely would not return if I had to pay.

Carbone has a 60 day dry aged steak from Pat La Freida.

CUT or Craftsteak are my favorites because they provide a great overall meal aside from the steak.

Whoa. Any idea how much it is?
I see a bone in NY and the Prime porterhouse. I’m assuming its the porterhouse and it must be in the $150+ range.

Pretty sure it was plus 200

We’ll be staying at Aria. Looks like our plans for that weekend are as follows:
Thursday - Tea at the Mandarin Oriental; happy hour at Bardot; late night oysters at the Oyster Bar
Friday - open to suggestions for breakfast; LoS for lunch; dinner at Raku and Sweets Raku
Saturday - open to suggestions for breakfast; Flock & Fowl for lunch; dinner at Rabbit. Rose. Lie.
Sunday - lunch at Bachi Burger before the drive home
Would appreciate any menu or meal recs.

Flock and Fowl for Hainanese chicken rice.

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