Las Vegas recommendations


Here are places of interest that I haven’t been to:

  • Mott 32 (highly regarded Cantonese/Chinese restaurant from Hong Kong and known for their Peking Duck)
  • Sparrow and Wolf
  • The Black Sheep
  • Kame Omakase
  • Big B’s Texas BBQ
  • Paid in Full
  • Other Mama
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I enjoyed Sparrow + Wolf. The drinks are creative and the snacks are good. Skip the bone marrow dumplings, though…those were clunkers for us. The What The Duck drink is a refreshing gin cocktail served in a mini ceramic bathtub…whimsical and great if it’s a warm day.


Other Mama was on my radar but haven’t been.
Sparrow and Wolf menu looks great. Seems similar to Majordomo with a lot of Asian inspired ingredients.
My best friend’s GF is the manager at Mott 32. Food there is excellent but pricey. My mother in law might faint if she looked at the menu.


any reports on vetri cucina?


The chef there has pedigree too. He worked at Bouchon, Cathouse and was the EC at Comme Ça before they closed.

I’m planning to go there next month. Hook it up! On the other hand, pricing which is very high, seems quite similar to high end HK Chinese eateries.

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They better be good since they replaced Alize. Menu looks decent but prices are quite steep! I probably can’t get outta there without spending $170+ per person pre t&t…

$30 for 5 tortellini? :thinking:

(Picture courtesy of Yelp)

$30 for 4 gnocchi? :thinking:

(Picture courtesy of Yelp)

$32 for 3 casoncelli? :thinking:

(Picture courtesy of Yelp)


Am I allowed to say “FUCK”???


Those look like half-portions or tasting menu sizes.

More pictures from yelp


Thank Gesus! Let me know how it goes when you go this month? :wink:


Does not look like a lot of food for those prices.


So what did THOSE cost?


Since we live in Vegas, and are always on the lookout for good BBQ, I checked this place out on the way back into town from San Diego yesterday. Ordered 1 1/2 lbs brisket (half from the flat, and half from the point). The flat was excellent, but the point was pretty fatty and had no bark (that might be my fault for not asking for burnt ends). Good smoke flavor, very tender, and came with an excellent (mild) sauce that wasn’t sweet, and didn’t overpower the meat. Similarly, the BBQ beans weren’t overly sweet, and had great flavor and nice shards of meat. Maybe that’s where the bark from the point cut ended up. S.O. rarely eats beans, or adds sauce, but she loved them both. We’ll go back eventually, but unfortunately it’s on the far opposite end of town from where we live.


Thanks for the report! How does it fare against Rolling Smoke?


Based on my one visit, it seems to be at least as good (probably better) than RS ever was, and it’s definitely better than what RS has become. I haven’t been in a few years, but I saw a serious dive in quality with the change in ownership some years back.

While mapping Big B’s, I noticed another place nearby that looks like it’s worth checking out:

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I love how off strip Vegas has so much to offer and discover.


Last minute help…
Turns out some friends are also in Vegas with their baby (okay…their toddler…we know a lot of babies) at the same time as us. They’re at Cosmo and we’re at Aria. What’s a good no fuss place for breakfast before we leave in the morning. Need to leave town by 10AM for some prior commitments. Eggslut is questionable because of the line.


I haven’t been yet, but the nomad opens at 730 for breakfast. Or bouchon?

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Bouchon’s always solid and opens at 7:00AM. On a second thought, head to Craftkitchen since they’re about 10 miles off strip and opens at 7:30AM. So by the time you leave, you’ll escape strip traffic.

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@moonboy403 and @PorkyBelly depends on how late we stay up tonight. Bouchon may be a little too far if we’re trying to earn a comped stay for next time. :wink:



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