Lasita - Chinatown

new filipino rotisserie from the team at lasa. I’ll be back to try the lechon.

chicken inasal, garlic mojo, toyomansi, garlic fried rice, chicken fat rice
dark meat was tender and juicy, rice was delicious, white meat was pretty good, garlic mojo can kill the cast of what we do the shadows.

727 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012


I also picked up half a bird this weekend and was super impressed with the execution on the first day.

Half Chicken Inasal with garlic mojo and toyomansi + Sheddage salad

Like @PorkyBelly said, the dark meat was super juicy and pretty much fell off the bone. The white meat was still delicious, but admittedly rescued by some terrifically crunchy skin. They really nailed it all around, and is the best rotisserie style chicken I’ve had in recent memory, and a notch better than Kismet Rotisserie. Both of the sauces were great too, but the toyomansi really stood out to me–a little bit went a long way!

The salad was super simple, consisting of only finely shaved cabbage and a coconut/green goddess dressing. It was a nice light accompaniment, but not really enough to satisfy on its own. Good thing I had a whole half chicken.

Watch the website for next week’s preorders.


preorders on tock