LAT: L.A.'s restaurants work hard to ensure service matches the city's vibe

From the LA Times:

Over the next two years Los Angeles will see even more restaurants opening, including new concepts from out-of-town chefs accustomed to working with a high level of service in the dining room. James Beard Award-winners like Jessica Largey, formerly of the three-Michelin Manresa in Los Gatos, Dave Beran of Next in Chicago, April Bloomfield of New York’s Spotted Pig and Charles Phan of San Francisco’s Slanted Door all plan to open restaurants in Los Angeles within the next two years, but the question remains whether Los Angeles’ hospitality industry can supply the front-of-house staff to match the back-of-house prowess.

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My friend thinks L.A. is becoming a completely service based industry. Cool new restaurants are operating in the boarded up factory district. With the competition will come a demand for great service. But, will they be able to find workers who view it as a profession - like long gone classic restaurants - and not a temporary way station. Maybe it’s time to rethink hiring the out of work fill-in-the-blanks and promote the busboys.

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