[LAT] Why you tip as much as you do

It makes sense to leave a tip for your regular waiter at your regular diner, since the service quality you receive in the future will likely depend on those tips. But economists find it peculiar that people tip the bellman upon departing from a hotel they’ll never visit again, a waitress at an out-of-town restaurant or a cabdriver in a big city. There’s technically no economic reason for such transactions, beyond a social expectation.

Possible flaw in the reasoning there.

Servers & hotel staff could be responding to feedback received from the collective group of patrons, rather than just to feedback from individual patrons, and patrons could be acting with an understanding of that.

I tip . I see it as a gratuity , no big deal . But have used tipping as a advantage as in a cab ride . I have been driven in circles around the city by a cab driver who thinks I’m just another dumb shit who doesn’t know his way around . Just to ring up the tab and get the tip . So when I need a ride and do know where I’m going . I will hand the driver plenty of money and say it’s all yours . I am going to such and such place . You know what . They drive straight there in a hurry . Everybody is happy . Same with busy bars . Pre tip the server cut the bullshit . It works for me . Grease the wheel . That’s why I tip as much as I do .


You still take cabs?