Late Night Dinner at Brasserie Georges in Lyon

I wasn’t sure we would be able to make it through the 5 hours of Don Carlos at the Opera our first night in Lyon and only second night in France, but we did. The opera ended at around 11:30 so we grabbed a taxi to Brasserie Georges, which had mixed reviews but we knew to be open until 12:15 on Friday and Saturday nights.

I got the steak tartare, which is made table side. The waiter asked how I wanted it and I said spicy. It was the best tartare I had the entire trip!



Husband got the choucroutes with a beer. He enjoyed both.


It seemed a spot for locals to come for a late dinner. Large tables celebrating a birthday, couples with their children, etc. It is brightly lit with fine service. There is a not a lot of places open late for dinner in Lyon, so this is a good option.