Late night eats Manhattan

We will arrive quite late (10 pm) at our hotel (Loews on Park/61) and were wondering if anybody has suggestions for a place which is open late. A few “limitations” - we are traveling with our 8 year old daughter so any “bar”-type places might not be the best choice (but otherwise she is used to all types of restaurants) and in addition that day will be by coincidence also Valentines Day so hopefully there are any restaurants were we can avoid any “special menus”. Within walking distance would be great but we could also do a short Uber ride.

Additional question - are there any great sandwich/pastrami places close by to grab something good for the Amtrak ride home ?

Hm that’s a bit tough. I was going to say Empellon but that closes at 10. Perhaps seek out a halal cart in the area and bring it back to the hotel to eat?

PJ Clarkes is open late too and have very solid burgers. Can be a bit bar-y but I think anything open past 10pm will regardless.

I’m sure others here have good suggestions though!

Are you taking Amtrak from Grand Central? These are the most convenient closest options based on where you are staying. Not necessarily the best the city has but within 10-15 blocks of hotel and GC
Pastrami Queen
Juniors inside GC
2nd Ave Deli

Most of the places I’d go for sandwiches or pastrami are either in lower Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens.

Not the best area for cheap eats…
Avra Madison Estiatorio - expensive Greek, nice space though
Hutong - new fancy Chinese HK export (mixed reviews)
Quality Meats
Ippudo Westside (Hell’s Kitchen)
Ktown - has a few late night dining options. Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong (KBBQ) closes at 5am. BCD tofu & Gammeok open 24/7
Sushi Seki - Passable Japanese place
Since you mentioned pastrami - Katz is open til 12am on Friday

Amtrak is out of Penn Station. The only sandwich place near there is Salumeria Biellese. The Pennsy has some options.

Numero 28
Serafina 79 (or Serafina Always)
The East Pole

il Gattopardo

Thanks everybody for the helpful recommendations. I didn’t realize that Serafina is open until 11pm as it is right next to the hotel (normally not a preferred choice but you can’t be too picky at that time).
I also did a very quick Yelp search around the hotel - anybody has any opinions about The Bar Room (which on the photos really looks more like a regular restaurant) or Barbaresco ?

Blue Sky Deli

It’s 24 hours

Get the Chopped Cheese, a nyc speciality with everything

Also for the full meal get some quarter waters (purple color), and some honey buns.

I’m not kidding btw

JG Melons on 74th and 3rd. Cash only, old school NY spot, open late. Frequently in contention for best burger in NY, although really the food is not incredible but the whole atmosphere and the waiters/bartenders who have been there for 30+ years since I was a kid give it something special. A very unique only-in-NY experience, and you can walk from your hotel.


Check out Osamil, Her Name is Han,

No experience or thoughts on those. Never even heard of them except for the Bar Room at The Modern. Is that what you mean? I don’t think it is.