Lawry's BH

It has been somewhat more than 15 and less than 20 years since my last visit. Should I expect the reasonably-same experience? What I can’t find online is any wine list. A family occasion (and no, please don’t suggest "you should eat (insert other restaurant name here) ") because that isn’t going to happen :smiley:


spinning salad still delicious, prime rib probably not the best but makes a good enough benchmark. pricing isn’t incredibly horrible.

what’s wrong with Lawry’s again?


Photos of a 2015 wine list here:

$132 was maybe a little steep for the Ch. Gloria but yum.

Thanks. Rombauer Chard it is! :face_vomiting:

Probably bring a bottle and buy a bottle.

Nothing that I know of, other than what others might have said over the intervening years. A full meal including a decent piece of meat for under $50 - fine with me.

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and don’t forget only at Lawry’s can you get CC Brown’s Hot Fudge Sundae!


I think Lawry’s has fantastic bottled water.


A follow-up question - is there a decent place for an adult beverage (other than the restaurant bar) within a 10 minute walk?

Bazaar up the street?

deeefinitely bring your own wine… whatever their corkage is… it’s worth it

Roger Room, AOC, Morton’s bar


Uber to Employees Only.

About $10 roundtrip. cheaper than parking.

The bar at Lawry’s is a decent place to be with some snacks in the corner and they make a solid classic drink (Martini, Negroni, Manhattan).

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The meal is done, and here’s the rundown:

We ended up not finding/needing much in the pre-dinner cocktail department because by the time we returned to our hotel to get ready for dinner, there was a lobby reception with 3 complimentary wine selections. After that, we arrived at Lawry’s just about 10 minutes prior to reservation time and ordered wine at the bar.

As for the meal, it was very good. Not much more you can say, but a classic old school restaurant with good service and good food. Everyone’s meat cut was very good (6 of us). I had an end cut, as the salty goodness was staring at me from the cart - and the interior was done to a nice medium rare. Other than a side of mushrooms, we just stuck to the included items, and we could barely finish.

The staff brought out some complimentary bubbles and a couple pieces of a trifle for the 2 events we were celebrating. This was a very nice touch (albeit the bubbles were too sweet to enjoy).

I could not believe what shlubs that many of the patrons looked like. While most dressed at least presentably (i.e., button down shirt and slacks or nice denim), 60 year old men in shorts were … well, you know.


When it comes to dress code, you can never really assume people are going to dress up in LA.

wtf… we have one now? that’s an NY bar… another one expanding to LA

LA business casual


old money doesn’t care about looks

Is an expensive sleeping bag too casual for lawry’s these days?