LAX - food options when stuck at a terminal

I was leaving from Terminal 3 the other day. I hadn’t planned ahead to get some great takeout and food options were even more limited than usual since half the food court is closed for construction (including Shake Shack).

I ended up with Blue Window and got a surprisingly good burrito, less surprising when I read the whole menu and noticed that it was a Susan Feniger project.






We were stuck at Terminal 5 (gates 50-59) waiting for a delayed flight and had a good time at Ford’s Filling Station, I think the best food I’ve had at any airport past security. Is it possible to get there from the gates 60-69 portion of Terminal 5 without going through security again?

Deviled eggs ($9.50) were very good.

Chorizo flatbread ($16) was great. Needed a few pinches of red pepper flakes for the right balance to my taste.

Had a bite of the burger ($15.50), solid.

“Five alarm chicken wings” ($14) were more like one or two alarms, but no complaints, they were delicious.

Drank a nice Tatomer Grüner Veltliner, not sure which one ($16 / glass, solid pours).

18% service charge added to bill.


The restaurant is called Skewers, and its logo is SKEWERS skewered by a skewer.

So, obviously, there must be skewers on the menu, right?



Then what IS on the menu???

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Sandwiches, wraps, bowls, soups, salads.

@Robert TBIT and terminals 4, 5, 6, and 7 are all connected airside past security. Opens up a lot of dining options on a long delay.


it’s getting skewered on yelp


That sounds exciting and different.

Em’s Favorite salad was very good. Again, better than I expect in an airport.

Pepperoni pizza was a big step down from the chorizo flatbread. Cheese and pepperoni had good flavor but the crust was neither crisp like NY-style nor light like Neapolitan-style. Maybe better than the usual chain pizza you find at airports, I’m not sure (been a long time since I had any).

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Why does Cole’s in Terminal 4 always seem like a good idea? I miss the Kogi.

But! The chilaquiles at Loteria Grill in Terminal 5 are pretty dang solid. The best non-Shake Shack airport food I’ve had in recent memory.

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We usually fly JetBlue, so we find ourselves in that terminal and at Ford’s Filling Station more often than not. We enjoy the drinks from the bar and a couple of light bites before getting on the plane. I wasn’t a fan of the burger…ours was over cooked.

I still hit up Ink Sack when I’m flying out of Tom Bradley and its still decent but the prices have definitely gone up over the years.