LDH Kitchen - appears to be flowering

…or, I suppose, deflowered.

Saw this while driving to work this morning.

Trying it tonight.

Find out what LDH stands for (and please let it not be lactate dehydrogenase)…

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apparently love dream happiness

Lots of Decorative Flowers

Large Dollops of Food

Oh, it’s 420 joint? I kinda wish now it was lactate dehydrogenase…

for some reason their instagram is giving me a nobu x hell’s kitchen vibe.


There is certainly more than a little whiff of douchebaggery on that IG. And troubling overuse of the word “fly” as an adjective.

I’m still going.
If it doesn’t kill me, it will make me stronger.



Maybe it stands for Lights, Douches and Homies?

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I want to see an insane light show while I eat meat-on-a-stick. It sounds pretty great.

Decor-wise, it seems like a uniquely Japanese take on what they think Americans (or maybe Americans living in Santa Monica) want. It could be fun-kitschy or it could be d*uche-y. I’ll wait to see some early report, b/c, if the food’s good, I’m game.

Shit Show.
Hard to believe anyone thinks this will work.
Though I probably would have said the same fly shit about Nobu Malibu.

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But it has a cool light show?

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It’s ok. Not much to be honest.
There’s a moment where you feel like there are plants growing on the walls like a sped up Jungle Book or Jurassic Park. Maybe.

Do I dare ask about the food?

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It’s bad.
Real bad.
The Australian Waygu NY Steak was good but - IMHO - needs to be served with a knife and fork or sliced thinner. I’m as good with chopsticks as anyone but it’s impossible to be very happy eating thick cut steak with them. Obviously this is no big deal and easily fixed. The rest…

A very large Tsukune was filled with garlic and gristle.

This thing is:
Tosazu Tomato
24-Hour Dashi-Vinegar, Marinated Momotaro Tomatoes, Shiso Leaves, Grapefruit Jello, Caviar
The tomato was terrible, there was no shiso leaf at all. The Caviar was mushy and buried on bottom in a dashi broth. Grapefruit Jello was the best part. Please note the chives instead of shiso.

And this is:
Chicken Nanban With Tar-Tar Sauce (Free Range)
Crunchy Fried Chicken Thigh And Tar-Tar Sauce
It was not crunchy, there was a sticky honey sauce on top, the skin was more fat than skin (as can readily be seen in my photo)…gross.

A “special” of Snapper - don’t recall what the menu said about how it is prepared but nothing mentioned mango or red onions which were the main flavors - other than not very fresh fish fish. Nice baby shiso though.

Also tried a poorly cooked chicken thigh dish from the robata. Nice char on just one (of four) sides of the chicken cube - WTF - they cannot even do a cube of chicken right.
It was served with a HEAPING side of Yuzukosho. Which is nice,
a) because so many places don’t give you much, and
b) you are going to need it - desperately - to smear over the parts of the poorly cooked chicken you don’t want to taste or look at.


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Hi @CiaoBob,

Yikes, thanks for the warning and taking one for the team. :frowning:

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starting the death-watch now.

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i thought it said LDS so every guy gets more than one waitress

Good grief. Now we know why they have many distracting displays set up… Oy.

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