Le Coucou or Augustine or Coarse

Has anyone been to all three? Coming to New York for a quick weekend in July and my friend gave me these three to choose from. I know Coarse is not French so not the same category as the other two. Can’t make a decision anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!

I’ve been to Le Coucou and Augustine. Between those two, definitely the former, no question.

If you go to Coarse, I would love to hear about it. Nouveau creole with a seafood emphasis is something not seen often.

Okay. Leaning towards Le Coucou wanted to go there last time went to Babbo instead (i know not the best restaurant but been a dream of mine to go). Will update if we end up at Coarse. Thanks!

We’ve been to Babbo twice over the years and loved it. I’d never apologize for choosing it.

No regrets. It was excellent. I did not even find it to be that outrageous in price. Did the pasta tasting and was just beyond stuffed. Just looking for something more new to the scene this time around.

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Le Coucou did not disappoint. Well worth a trip if anyone plans on visiting New York. Did not realize it was the James Beard best new restaurant. Friend made a reservation midnight 30 days before so it takes some planning as most restaurants do in New York. We started with the Fluke and Caviar, moved onto the delicious sweet breads and mushrooms, split with monkfish in mussel broth, followed up by the duck w/cherries and foie gras. Dessert was mind-blowing with a lemon crepe with some sort of souffle in the crepe. Don’t know how they made it happen but it was light and delicious perfect close to a meal. Highly recommend this place. Can’t wait for my next New York adventure.

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