Le Creuset bi-material utensils

Yeah it shows up in TJ Maxx etc. Mostly ceramic items. The less than perfect items show up in their outlets. I sold it for years in a regular kitchen shop.


No, I’m not talking about less-than-perfect. Realize that Costco has buying power that no single shop has. We’ve likely saved tens of thousands of dollars that way over the many years. I’ll like be at one in the next few days and see what they’re offering.

Le Creuset wants to be discriminating. They refused to sell to me because I was buying for a shop within 10 miles of another store that carried their line. It did not matter that my customer base was entirely different. My customers would have either ordered or gone to Indy or Chicago. Luckily Staub did not have a problem. The rep who refused to sell to me lost her job and I got LC in stock

Well, there’s “discriminating” and then there’s Costco :slight_smile: My husband recently bought Cole-Haan shoes there! You must not shop there.

Was referring to my nameless flat whisk. :wink:

I meant Cost Plus/ World Market

I’ve gotten Cole Hahn at TJ Maxx and see Le Creuset at TJ Maxx etc. But it is ceramics. If it is the cast iron it is a discontinued color or a discontinued item. They usually sell them at their outlet stores.

You can also find good deals in the Sur Le Table clearance section a lot of the time. You just can’t be picky about color to get the best dealz.

There’re not as many Le Creuset clearance items on the site, but might be worth a gander: http://www.surlatable.com/browse/index.jsp?N=14571+4294966917