Le Musee in Lyon for lunch

Our first meal in Lyon was at the bouchon Le Musee. It was right around the corner from the apartment rental, but it was a tight call with the train arriving from Paris at 1pm and getting to our reservations by 1:30. We made it by 1:45. The place was nearly full and we were seated across from each other in a communal table. The owner was kind and humorous and tried to explain the menu in English, which caused much laughter.

I ordered a salad, wanting the one with pork feet, but instead got the warm mushroom salad, which was delicious.


Husband got the rabbit terrine.


I got the Andouillette sausage, which oddly, I didn’t love as much as before. My husband, on the other hand, loved it. I found out later, I think, the reason why. The last time we were in France was during the mad cow scare, and the andouillette was made from pork intestine. Now they could use the veal intestine, which they consider a better choice.


The potatoes au gratin that came with it were to die for!!


Husband enjoyed his super tender, hmmmm, now can’t rememeber - was it pork cheeks?


We got cheese for dessert. It was 3 course prix fix meal.


The couple next to us were locals, as were most people there. They bantered with the owner and another table. They also spoke with us and recommended another bouchon. I’ll try to find where I wrote it and post it.

The owner came by and spoke with the last of the diners, and offered us a final drink on the house.


It was really a friendly, neighborly experience. One woman, who spoke fluent French, had her friends over from Japan, I think, to celebrate her wedding. The entire room clapped in congratulations and tears came to her friends’ eyes. Another couple with children, travelers on vacation, told everyone where they met - both Croatian, who met in France, I think. Lyon is such a small city that we ran into them twice more.

A wonderful first meal in Lyon!