Le Pif (UWS)

Anyone looking for a good happy hour spot in the UWS, or a place to cool your heels before a show at Lincoln Center, should give consideration to Le Pif.

The restaurant, small even by Manhattan standards, is on Broadway and 71st. The place offers up what seems like close to a 100 different wines, all French, and about 1/3 of that available by the glass.

Menu is limited and simple. We had the french pizzas (which were pretty close to a classic pissaladière). One was adorned with sour kraut and pork belly, and another with slices of apple and pickled herring. Both offered a nice balance of sweet and savory, and the crust (more flatbread than pizza dough) was nice and crispy.

Also had a nice charcuterie plate with some very good cured saucisson.

Le Pif

Did they have the escargot when you were there? Looks delicious.

I believe the table across from us did. It smelled wonderful.

I’ve not heard of Le Pif, so thanks for posting about it. Checking their website, I see they stay open until either midnight or 1 a.m., depending on the day. We’re always looking for a place to eat after performances at Lincoln Center. This would be a fine spot for that especially since French is our favorite cuisine, and Le Pif’s menu looks excellent.

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