League of Kitchens - Cooking lessons with grandmas of different cultures

Interesting article from the L.A. Times about cooking classes offered by grandmothers of different cultures.


I love the idea of this.

This is so great. Imagine how this can empower so many latino and asian mothers/aunties that can make a good income from this sharing their knowledge. The focus on hyper regionality and nonwestern (french/italian) is also amazingly refreshing and much needed perspective.


finally, I can put grandma to work and she can start paying rent. damn entitled greatest generation.


Semi-related to this idea - I would be thrilled if people offered something along the lines of “A Guided Tour of My Culture’s Grocery Store.”

Having someone to walk the aisles with, who can explain what’s in the different packages and what to do with it, talk about the new-to-me produce, explain all the intriguing options in the refrigerated and freezer cases, etc. would definitely broaden my world.

(And make it less likely I come home with stuff that I’ve no idea what to do with or leave without buying anything because I was so confused.)


Hi All! Thanks so much for sharing the LA Times article about the League of Kitchens!

ElsieDee- I’m happy to share that the League of Kitchens also offers shopping tours! Our shopping excursions are a guided tour that features the instructor’s favorite food shops and items. Stops on the tour include grocery stores, specialty food shops such as a bakery, cultural stores, and ends with a shared meal. You can check out our shopping tour offerings on our site:

Looking forward to seeing everyone at a workshop or tour!