Lemon Cake Recipe


Please share with me your best lemon cake recipe. Preferably has a bit of tartness.


This recipe is from cake maven Maida Hatter - East 62nd Street Lemon Cake . It’s very good and does have a strong lemon flavor. You can make it in a bundt pan or 2 loaf pans.


This is classic: https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/lemon-pudding-cakes-recipe


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This isn’t a traditional cake, but it’s one of the best lemon desserts I’ve had.


It doesn’t even have Lemon in it’s name, but it’s quite lemony (And you can amp it up as well!) but it’s been a great cake to make during these times. It’s on the small side, easy and quick to bake, tastes great even the next day, stores great in the fridge. You can use Frozen or fresh blue berries. I use one basket of the Bell Weather Farms Ricotta and it comes out with the most delightful flavor/texture.


OMG…my mother had that cookbook. I cut my baking teeth on it. The recipes really worked and they tasted good. A nice walk down memory lane. My mom’s cookbook (1948, I think, edition) finally fell apart about 6 or 7 years ago and I had to toss it.

Mine’s the 1950 first edition of The Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book. To me it’s essential. Its wartime predecessor Betty Crocker Cook Book of All-Purpose Baking has a lot of not very useful recipies for getting by during rationing, like a T-bone “steak” made of Wheaties and carrots. Later editions have a lot of gross recipes that use cake mix.


Thank you. Looks delish! What if I don’t want to make them individual? Also what the heck is buttermilk powder and lemon powder and lemon chips? lol

What’s the consistency? Like pudding?

There’s a layer of pudding topped with a layer of cake.

The “hot fudge” version is great for dinner parties. You can put it all together except the water, then add the water and stick it in the oven an hour before you want to serve it.

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I haven’t tried enough lemon cakes to declare any one my “best,” but I like this one for lemon pound cake.
Vegan Lemon Cake - Vegan Yumminess

A few notes on the ingredients. The original recipe is vegan; I found it while looking for recipes that didn’t require butter or eggs (since I too often decide I want to bake cake only to discover that I don’t have enough butter or eggs on hand and don’t feel like going out to get some). However, I’ve never made it using the almond milk called for in the original recipe. I’ve only made it using milk, or half-and-half, or water with flaxseed (the latter in a version that substituted flaxseed for some of the canola oil). The original calls for 4 lemons, but I’ve been satisfied with the results of even just 2 large lemons (with lemon zest to spare for future dishes), or one large lemon and two medium limes. The point being that you can make it successfully even if you don’t happen to have 4 lemons available. I’ve made it with and without applesauce, but haven’t noticed a difference (yet–haven’t compared them enough to tell). I have included the turmeric as in the recipe, but I suspect the turmeric is more for color than anything else–at least there isn’t a distinctive turmeric taste to the result.

The cake is on the heavier, denser side, but still fairly moist.

The basic outline of the recipe is also useful for an orange, rather than lemon, pound cake.

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