Let's talk about gross things people do in a restaurant

Many people have no problem blowing their nose at the table with full decibel readings and the amplitude is off the chart. .

This is usually while I’m eating a runny, cheesy, chile relleno and the correlation between their snot in their napkin to the consistency of what I’m eating equates to me thinking I’m eating their snot…ha ha ha
I’m fully grossed out and have a hard time eating after that.

What skeeves you out when you’re dining out?

Waitstaff touching their faces / hair (generally without realizing it) and then touching service items without a handwash.

What you don’t see generally won’t hurt you, but I cannot erase the vision of the cooks in the Mexican restaurant I worked in when I was 15 performing fellatio-like acts on the chocolate mousse (kept in frosting-type bags before being squeezed into the serving cups). Restaurant “chocolate mousse” still “skeeves me out.”

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People sucking sauce off their fingers. Needless to say, I have a hard time at barbecue places.


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How is this gross?


People audibly sucking on bones.Pulling the meat off quietly is one thing, but I’ve been in chinese restaurants and BBQ joints where people are full on slurping. Drives me nuts.

The other is sneezing into their hand and then reaching for the communal plate of fries or chips or whatever. I don’t do communal food.

You’re not supposed to ‘stab’ your food. Especially bad when the fork is perpendicular to your plate.


Where do you eat that people use their fork like this?
Never ever seen this, except in a parody or over dramatization of eating.

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A gazillion times all over the US. Go out to breakfast and keep an eye out.

I’m going on a road trip to Lawrence, KS for Thanksgiving for 2 weeks and I will definitely be on the look out for those gross fork holders…ha ha ha
If someone starts blowing their nose while I’m eating soft scrambled eggs. .could be trouble.

Someone crop dusted our table a couple months ago. . the guys at our table wanted to High Five him!
I wanted to kick his ass.

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You try and cut one of those tender diner breakfast steaks without getting some better leverage on your fork!

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A few weeks ago a guy at my local XLB place had Birkenstocks with socks and had taken the Birkenstocks off so was just rocking socks on the carpet. He also had a small dog under the table. The dog did not bother me, nor am I bothered by flip-flops or bare feet, but the socks somehow really did bother me.


Again, how is that gross?


I’m going on a road trip to Lawrence, KS for Thanksgiving for 2 weeks and I will definitely be on the look out for those gross fork holders…ha ha ha

That’s CA shit, won’t happen in Lawrence. :sunglasses:

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My long deceased, Southern Belle of a mother would come down and reprimand me strongly for bad table manners (something I consider “gross”) but let’s put aside the steak. And ask why would someone do that to a fried egg? Only slightly less bad is cutting something with the edge of a fork. But since you usually can’t see that from afar I’ll not label it “gross.”

You got that right. . . . Rock Chalk, Jayhawk or is that Willie the Wildcat!

Why? If the egg is over-easy, especially in some organic place with fertilized eggs, you need to make sure that any potential chickenfetus is dead.

As far as cutting my food with the side of a fork, I don’t know what the BFD is about this.


I stand corrected on the cutting with the side of the fork. Miss Manners is one of my gods.

I’m pretty easy going, as long as my dining companions aren’t double dipping or picking their nose it doesn’t put me off my feed.

Although as much as I love hot foods and my sensitive sinuses, I do have to apologize to fellow diners about my need to whip out my handkerchief occasionally for my sniffles. I try to avoid the full on tuba blowing. But if I had to step away from the table every time I had to dab at my nose with my hanky, I’d never finish a meal. .