Lien Hoa BBQ in Westminster - any thoughts?

Lien Hoa is on Bolsa near Magnolia. Yelp photos show some tasty looking Peking Duck and roast pork - especially the pork belly. Are they one of the better options for Cantonese-style BBQ in the LA/OC area?

I have no clue, but Baos Hog next door has pretty tasty duck and roast pork buns.

Dang - eat at Baos Hog and get Lien Hoa to go?

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Future bang bang, and possible +1 bang considering there is a coffee place on the corner.

Parking sucks though.

Wrong thread.

Parking sucks in most of Little Saigon.

Thanks for fixing that. Multiple finger-fart/fail while texting/walking/holding coffee/crossing street while distracted by beauty on bike.

Negative go on this place. Borderline inedible and didn’t even finish my food. Wish I would have just had my entire meal at Baos Hog next door and gotten two duck buns.

Save yourself the calories and the drive.

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Lien Hoa was that bad? What did you have?

We had char siu and roast pork. The char siu was a bit dry and hard but had an odd gamey taste yet barely any char siu marinade flavor. The roast pork could have tasted decent but it was just ice cold, and even still mediocre had it been served right. We did notice that the roasted pork was just stored right above the cutting board so that may explain why it was so cold? Didn’t get duck because we ordered some next door at Baos Hog. One thing I will say is that it was quite inexpensive so not like I spent $$$ and it tasted like this.

Baos Hog uses their meat.

I wasn’t into BH at all.

LH is solid Chinese BBQ. Cheap and easy too. They have like 3 locations. I’ve always gone to the one next to Kang Lac Bakery, which itself is one of my favorite places to eat in Westminster

Interesting because the duck bun is the only item I get at Baos Hog and the reason why I didn’t get duck at Lien Hoa. Still, that BBQ was bad. I threw it right in the trash can. Cold gamey char siu with absolutely no flavoring. More cold roast pork with nice crisp skin but not much flavor. It was interesting because the roast pork was not in the heated holding display, rather just hanging above the cutting board.

Eater15 and A5KOBE - conflicted. We did the bang-bang at BH and LH about a month ago. Sorry for not writing a follow-up.

Four of us started at BH and tried just about all the bun items. The duck and pork belly stood out of course - hard to go wrong. While we all liked it, we all agreed that it was “if you’re in the area…” It was on a Saturday at lunch time - quite crowded - so I can’t judge from one try.

We went next door to LH and wanted the Peking duck - out - and the roast pork belly - also out per the staff. Instead, we got the standard roast duck - we thought it was delicious! Moist, flavorful and lovely crackling skin.

We also got the ham-portion of the roast pork - this was all that was left by 1230? But I was not leaving Little Saigon without pig. The ham is probably the least preferred part for me because it’s the leanest part and is prone to be dry. I did see some belly on the chopping counter but assumed it was reserved already. I shrugged, asked for three pounds and we drove off.

After slowly warming the roast pork and digging in, we were all surprised how moist and flavorful the meat was - really. I was expecting dryness and flat on flavor. I was also impressed with how it did not have that gamey off smell/taste that pork often has when it is past its prime. I kept wondering that if this meat is off the ham-portion, what would the belly have been like?

Anyway, I highly respect both of your tastes and opinions. The differences in experiences and opinions baffles me.