Light Tasting EVOO

My doctor had me eliminate many things, one being canola oil, and my labs have improved. But I really miss using canola oil in my vinaigrettes. I always seemed to get a better oil acid balance and other flavors were more pronounced.

Are there any extra virgin olive oils that don’t behave like traditional EVOO’s? I’m looking for light, minimal flavor. I know that may not be entirely possible, but any brands or regions that get me as close to that as possible would be appreciated.

i have seen some brands labelled “extra light.” might look for that?

This reply is a little late. But I mix grapeseed oil w/a really good EVOO. It’s light, has no flavor and can take high heat. You will get that lighter olive oil flavor you’re looking for. It will also extend an expensive bottle of olive oil. Plus, it’s supposed to hold the high heat and prevent the olive oil from burning.

Here are my favorite EVOO:

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The California Olive Ranch were on sale at Sprouts recently, as well.

I’m always on the look out for a sale on those two oils. They’re quite pricey. But worth it.

They sell the C.O.Ranch at Costco . If you shop there maybe take a look to see if they have it . I use it for all my cooking and salads .

Oh really? I would not have figured that. But, @catholiver 's Morels should have been an indication of what Costco is offering now. I recently went to a party with a fabulous cheese platter w/some serious cheeses, from Costco. Unfortunately, I don’t live close enough to Costco to make the savings worth the gas.