Linguine alle vongole - Westside?

I had no idea that Sunday Gravy offered it. Glad you enjoyed it, they are SEVERELY under rated. Plus that Garlic bread… omg… THAT GARLIC BREAD…

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Oh, we definitely got the garlic bread.

It’s a cute place. More casual than you’d think given its reputation – it’s an “order at the counter” kind of place.It’s very unassuming.

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Is their pasta al dente?

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To be honest, I only have an AA degree from Spaghetti Community College, not an advanced degree from Pasta University so I can’t say for sure if the pasta was al dente or not.

However, I am comfortable guessing that it was because it had a nice mouth feel, a legitimate bite with a nice, chewy texture. It was just right for me.


What Warrior wants to know is, was it as undercooked as at Funke town?

I literally almost joked about that, but I’ve never been to Felix so I didn’t. But I had the exact same thought.

For what it’s worth, the more al dente, the lower the glycemic index.

The portion size in the US (restaurant or at home) will help you much more with GI than the level of al dente

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Glycemic index isn’t related to portion size. Glycemic load is.

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