Little Door Deserves More Love

One of the most romantic places in LA, outstanding service, nice wine list, full bar and very good food. Its become a regular part of my rotation. Its also escapist. When you are there you forget you are in LA.


Yep, with new restaurants constantly opening we forget about places like Little Door. It’s lovely and the food is wonderful. Last time we were there I had the Duck Confit. It was fantastic.

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Had the steak while at the bar last week. Cant remember a better steak. Wonderful Ribeye.


Yah, posters were complaining about it recently, so I toned down my enthusiasm. Maybe because I haven’t been in a while or I picked the right things, but I loved the few meals I’ve had. And it’s pretty!

Always loved it. That bar is one of our favorite places to just go and have a couple of really good pours and roll on.

Who knows who Jonathan Portela is?

Google search indicates that he/was a chef at Scratch Bar.

Yup, not a fan of his. I had dinner at scratch and he was rude, arrogant, and had that old school “chef” mentality of verbally abusing his colleagues.


@Nemroz: was there a reason you were asking about him?

He’s the new chef at Little Door

I don’t know if he was the chef at the time, but I believe @CiaoBob had eaten at the Encino location at least once and enjoyed it (IIRC).

Don’t know him but I have always liked Scratch Bar in Encino.
OTOH Woodley Proper and the (very new) Leviathan concept from Phillip Frankland Lee have been pretty mediocre.