Little Italy Farmer's Market to Reopen

The Little Italy farmer’s market will reopen tomorrow, smaller and with a strict set of guidelines. As mentioned in this link the Little Italy team worked with a number of different government agencies in order to get permission to reopen.

Please read the rules of the road in the link above and let’s support our local farmers. I’ll be there, how about you?


Poway farmer’s market reopening tomorrow as well.

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Yes, I’m a tourist, but Little Italy was my favorite part of our last trip to SD.


Anyone heard anything about the North Park Farmers Market?

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Sorry MsVerde, I haven’t heard anything about that one. LI is closed this week as far as I know

As we’ve all probably heard by now, with the exception of the farmer’s markets in Coronado and Vista, all the remaining ones have been closed due to thecoronavirus.

Many of the farmers have revamped their CSA programs and/or widened their delivery area. Brain’s Farms which services La Mesa and the South Bay has set up a dive thru pick-up option at their traditional farmer’s market sites. Many of the boxes they’re offering come from well-known local farms/farmers. They also have a wide selection of grocery add-ons from their non-farm vendors.

If you haven’t been to Specialty Produce for a while you might want to go. They are open to the public 7-days a week and have local, standard and organic produce. They also have eggs, dairy and bulk bins with many staples. They have had an everyone wears gloves policy long before this current virus outbreak. The hardest thing for me has been that nothing has a price on it, but when you check out the cashiers always give you the opportunity to remove items if you think they are too expensive. I think their pricing is in line with farmers markets, Whole Foods Lazy Acres and so on.

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It looks like the Little Italy farmers market is going totry again this Saturday, April 4th. Details in this link

For anyone that’s intrested, photo slide show of the Little Italy farmer’s market yesterday
There are a few photos of an Albertsons in the middle of the slide show but the bulk of it is LI. Looks like 3rd time may have been a charm. They are only letting 50 people at a time in and there are just non-prepared food vendors


This is a really nice set of photographs. Happy and sad at the same time.

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I thought so too Doc

Beautiful neighborhood. Always end my SD stay with a walk around here. Looking forward to returning when this is all over.