Little Saigon Adventures

No worries, the first few times I looked it up I confused it with this place which is definitely closed.

Pretty good list!


Needs to be updated now that Brodard moved south on Brookhurst to Fountain Valley. Are the rest on that list still open??

Mai Phung

Tableside limes! Pretty much all the noodle dishes here should have a squeeze.

Their chilli sauce. Look at that beautiful color! 1-2 spoonfuls is enough.

Dry Egg Noodle with soup on the side. House special trifecta of crab, shrimp, and pork. Also on the bottom is a savory garlicky sauce, you can add a little soup if you like to the bowl. I added a lime and a small spoon of that chilli sauce.

Northern style Pho/Pho Bac.

That rough choppy beef, green onions, white onions, black pepper, easy on the cilantro, a broth that is more beefy/savory with a touch of anise, personally garnished with a lime, a little chilli sauce, and a few drops of fish sauce. Some garlic would be killer too. In Little Saigon this might be one of the best places for this style of pho. Tell them to save the Southern garnishes.

The menu is tight here but they do it well. The quality is higher as well.

Pho 79, Trieu Chau, Ngu Binh, Brodards, etc

Hmm maybe Mai Phung should be considered a heavy hitter amongst those mentioned. Shoot and I am not even a fan of Vietnamese udon.

Damn no room left for them crab egg rolls at Hanoi Avenue across the street!


Wait! What?

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Some sleuthing

Secret Pho

A newcomer don’t let the name fool you, you should come here for this:

Clay baked chicken with mung bean pandan sticky rice and some green dipping sauce.

I have not been here yet! Nice to see a new specialist!!


Any thoughts on the best options in the area open 9:30 or later?

Pho Quang Trung on Bolsa. They do everything here but I think their Chicken Pho is pretty damn solid! Close at midnight everyday.

Oc and Lau. The salads, and snail dishes are pretty good. The GG Blvd location closes later.


I also really like Oc & Lau

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Mai Phung again…

Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio. Add 2 spoons of that chilli sauce

So got some info…Mai Phung 2 at the old Pho Dakao fell thru as well as expansion next door.


Bang bang with the Hanoi style Crab Egg Rolls across the street at Hanoi Avenue.


Sigh when can we get grilled pork in those grates over coal like in Vietnam??? Solid offerings of bun and com tam would make this spectacular if the pork was properly grilled

Another rant (like my rants with beef pho)

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Set up that charcoal bun Cha and thit nuong stand!

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Yes the OG Trieu Chau Son confirms the second location in Artesia/Cerritos. They are right next to Phnom Penh’s second location!

Also new on the menu I think at the OG Trieu Chau location is the stir fried pin noodles, which I’ve had at Phnom Penh Noodle Shack in LBC.

Battle of Hu Tieu/Kuy Teav! Vietnamese-Chiu Chow vs Cambodian-Chiu Chow


Thanks for confirming!

You’re welcome. Also of note the OG Trieu Chau, the broth wasn’t as flavorful (still good) and the egg noodles got pretty soggy quick.

Did they move an Uncle to the new location to prepare the broth?

Also there was some remodeling done at OG Trieu Chau, no more open kitchen where you can see the vat of pork bones boiling away and the Uncles working.

@attran99 I anticipate your review! I think this location is more convenient for you?!?

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How about an Eater article on Hu Tieu Nam Vang/Kuy Teav?

Southern California has some of the largest Cambodian, Vietnamese, and ethnic Chinese from Cambodia/Vietnam population. This dish originated with Chiu Chow people in Phnom Penh and made its way to Saigon, in which the Vietnamese has flipped into 3-4 distinct styles. Can be served dry or wet with a huge variety of toppings. Egg, rice, tapioca(Viet), or a combination of the above.

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Just got to make the 6 mile drive south. Going to try this week with the holiday and some time off from the office. The oldest chowpup will be excited for duck noodles.

Pho Hong Hung

Bun Rieu Cua Dong

With cua dong meaning Rice Paddy Crab! The broth is light but very flavorful on its own. There is no need for mam in this bowl. Is this the only or one of the few places in Little Saigon using Cua Dong for Bun Rieu? I’ll have to come back to try this broth some more


God tier cafe sua da @ Phin Smith in Garden Grove. I was skeptical because the coffee was premixed and I couldn’t control condensed milk levels but yeah this was great. Not too sweet, real nice nutty after taste. Just fantastic.