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Go. You will be impressed.

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Hanoi Corner

I know I have nothing but bad experiences here but they stay relatively open late (10pm) for a non-Snail-Seafood Hot Pot Drinking food place. And I was craving some noodle soup.

Bun Thang is a Hanoi dish. Traditionally eaten during Tet, full of protein with chicken, pork, and egg and a broth made with bones and dried mushroom/dried shrimp. Adding a little mam tom is a must. If you look at pictures online…it is a very bright and festive dish.

This is just sad looking, barely any proteins and barely any noodles as well. The broth is missing the depth from long slow process of cooking down bones, the umami from the shrimp and mushrooms is also lacking. I think they just dumped salt into this bowl. This is a signature Hanoi dish.

Okay I am officially done with this place. I am sticking to Hanoi Avenue!!! I cannot give a rec’ed either. If you had a good meal here than great. Because this place is just sad every time I visit.


What’s been going on in LS with all the closure/take-out mandates? I spent this weekend in the city…looking to spend next weekend in the OC to support local businesses.


Bumping this one in case anyone has intell.

(Will update)

Pho Akaushi is now doing takeout

Ngu Binh…has a Vietnamese recording but I made out “take out”.

Trieu Chau is partnering with Grubhub and Postmates. No idea if takeout is available.

Cococane, as chowseeker reported is closed.

Mai’s Kitchen is open, 900-2100

Ba Le is open until 1800-1900.

Brodard is open (come on you think LS most famous restaurant will close. If coming from LA get a tray to make it worth it, just WARM the sauce up)

Mai Phung, they are closed Fridays, so I’ll update. They consistently had wait times everyday pre-C19

Pho Ga Hai Van is open everyday for takeout from 900-2000

Phin Smith, per Yelp will reopen on 4/30. If you want the Cafe Sua Da, I would definitely call ahead.

Pho 79 is open 800-2000

Phuong’s is open until 1700-1800, little language barrier here! But you must try the dry Hu Tieu with tapioca noodles and red sauce!!! This Hu Tieu is unique regional variation.

Co Ba per Yelp is expected to open 5/1

Canton Restaurant, they picked up but said they will be closed until 5/15. The fish porridge is great!!!

Khoi Hung, no one picked up, I’ll have to try later. They have THE BEST SHAKING BEEF!!! Better than Garlic and Chives, better than Newport/Boston Lobster.

Garlic and Chives is open 1100-2000

Quan Mii is open both locations 1100-2030, try the Banh Xeo Rolls

Cafe Starz is closed lol damn

Banh Cuon Luu Luyen is open, last order needs to be in at 1530

Cho Tam Bien is open until 7. The Chao Long is one of the best porridge’s around! Housemade blood sausage, lemongrass sausage, pork blood cubes and offal (well prepared btw pretty neutral as far as taste)

Quan Bun, closes at 1700. Try the Canh Bun

Golden Flower Veggie is open until 1900. One of my favorite “chay” restaurant


Thanks @JeetKuneBao. Hopefully these businesses pull through.

Ngu Binh is doing takeout for sure. I wrote about it here:


You just did Higher Power kind of work for us. Thanks!


Why would they even open without the CSD. I would make the drive from the AV to buy growlers of this.


Brodard and Brodard Chateau are on ChowNow and appear to have their own ordering app. I think someone mentioned that the fees associated with chownow are less insane than the rest.


Cococane reopening 5/18



I literally just put that in my calendar…

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I guess that’s the day I’m visiting my folks.


So good @JeetKuneBao! Thanks.

We need that refreshing Cococane in this heat wave. :slight_smile:

Newport Seafood is open for business!
House special lobster for dinner tonight…


What’s the spot price these days. It’s a long drive but I have a lot of wet naps…

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I’m not sure. I just ordered the lobster noodles and a couple of other things. I just paid the tab and tipped them 20%. Didn’t get an itemized receipt. But the auntie taking orders was super nice.


@JeetKuneBao I just drove by Khoi Hung and it’s dark. The signs and equipment were all there, but it doesn’t look like they’re operating…at least not for lunch on a Friday.

Ba Le Sandwiches -
Picked up the buy 5, get 1 free deal…and supplies for banh mi at home. It was visibly slower than when I’ve visited in the past, but they are still pumping out fresh banh mi. They were surprised when I didn’t want any change when I paid for my order.

Ngu Binh -
I been craving banh boc loc…so got an order of it. It’s delicious! Though I think I prefer the wrapped version at Ben Ngu.

Banh Cuon Luu Luyen -
An order of the dac biet plate and nem chua heo. Extra crispy shallots for salads at home. Luu Luyen’s got a machine that takes cards now. $10 minimum purchase.


Thanks for the update!

What kind of Banh Mi supplies did you end up getting?

I went the full 9 yards. Bread, mayo, pickled veg, pâté, cha lua, thit nguoi, and bi. The household also wants to stuff them with leftover bulgogi from Sunday.


Hi @attran99,

Nice! :blush: Glad you were able to help support some of these mom & pop shops! Which Banh Mi did you get for yourself today at Ba Le? How was it? :slight_smile:

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