Little tokyo lunch

walking around, shopping, etc. little tokyo on saturday.
any ideas for lunch? nothing too fancy, please.

many thanks you people.

Marugame monzo


Second Marugame Monzo. Loved the ume shiso udon I ordered and tempura (minus the pickled ginger tempura that overwhelmed my taste buds…too much of a good thing).

I will eagerly third Marugame Monzo

If you have never had it before, it’s really worth while to order the Uni in cream sauce. It’s the oddest combination. It’s like a Japanese version of alfredo, only ocean-y instead of cheesey. I really love it.

But any of their other udons are great. I really liked the duck in particular Sit at the bar if you can and watch 'em make the noodles.

Please only do this if you really, really, really enjoy dank cream sauces.

Apparently, I do.

of course, now I have to know if you mean ‘dank’ as in “cold, wet, unpleasant” (a dank, dingy basement), or cool and awesome like the kids these days (dank memes, dawg), or possibly that it is highly potent and sticky marijuana (presumably consumed prior to said lunch)


I would describe the uni cream sauce as highly potent with regards to it’s uni content, dawg. So somewhere between #2 and #3.

marugame monzo is a good choice. and i have had the uni cream sauce, because
my mind is dank.

thank you all, and please keep the suggestions coming.

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Oh… well in that case yes. It is indeed dank. Diggity dank, even.


Cafe Dulce

Good donuts. I been meaning to try other drinks but I love their Hong Kong Milk Tea (hot).

Tip a buck to Arthur Nakane for me

Now I want Japanese uni pasta for dinner. But no further than Sawtelle.

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Restaurant 2117 on Sawtelle has it. I believe @J_L has written about it

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Uni pasta Sawtellini at Restaurant 2117 = Da bomb.

Sounds great, but I’ve been cleaning closets and have jeans and a messy ponytail thing going. I need a Hurry Curry that serves uni pasta. :bike::game_die:

2117 welcomes hot messes. Turnover time for uni pasta “to go” orders is usually only 20 minutes max. (Ask me how I know.)


Well, then they’ll luuuuv me. :wink:


Another vote for Monzo.