Lo bak go - daikon cake aka "turnip cake"

Anybody have a good old-school recipe with dried shrimp and sausage? The Mister Jiu’s recipe looks great as far as technique but it’s vegetarian. Hell, it’s vegan.

I have had good results with this woman’s recipes.

That’s just what I’m looking for, thanks. Photos look right.

Respect for trying to make it at home. I just say Uncle and go to Chinatown to buy it. At Long’s Pastry on Spring, it’s $1.25 for a giant hunk of slightly pan-fried lo bak go (I take it home to finish the searing just a tad more on my stovetop to warm it up), and it always, always tastes spot on.

(Couldn’t resist the pan-fried leek dumplings while I was there - bonus score)…


This is my go to spot for takeout dim sum. Like everything there with the exception of the Ha Gow. The lo bak go is a family fave. We also like their chicken baos and ham sui gok, the fried beef dumplings a lot.


It’s all about the Dai Bao’s! An egg, a shiitake mushroom, a piece of sausage, ground pork. Not every Chinese bakery has them.

Long’s also has snow mountain char siu bao’s. Those almost always sell out if you go too late.

Funny you say that, 'cuz I was the one who bought out their remaining snow mountains that day…

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Love the Dai Baos at Long’s. I think Won Kok’s is just a little bit better. Working in Chinatown, Long’s is my hangover stop on my way into work. Dai baos and porridge do wonders.
I will submit that Dai Bao’s at Won Kok are superior to the NY Dollar Slice, as post bar sustenance, when it was still open until 4am.

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I can’t vouch for this particular recipe but we’ve been really, really into the Made with Lau channel on YouTube:

I’m not interested in all recipes equally but the way it’s put together is really fantastic. Unpretentious, stuffed with knowledge, backed up with viewer questions, well segmented on YouTube. Just excellent job all around.