Lo Zodiaco, Rome?

Up on one of the hills of Rome, this place was recommended to us (mainly because of the view) by several friends. So, anyone know if the food is good enough for us to spend an evening? I couldn’t find anything in search at any of the food boards except Yelp and TripAdvisor – maybe that’s a clue to the answer? Thanks.

The web site says there’s also a bar, so you could enjoy the view without committing to a meal.

In warm weather, my recommendation for dinner with a view is to eat porchetta in front of one of the fraschette in Frascati that set up outdoor tables along the city wall. You buy your picnic at the market up the street and the fraschetta sells you wine and provides silverware.

Saw that. Just wondering whether we should consider staying for dinner too. Thanks.

I’d go somewhere where you need a reservation because it’s full of locals.

We’ll probably go up for a couple of sunset drinks, watch the city lights come on, then head off to dinner in the city. May be a good night to hit Perilli.