Lobster & Beer in Palms

Dropped in mid afternoon last Saturday. No lines, a third full. Got the lobster roll and the corn and lobster chowder.

They were very generous with the meat. Nice big chunk, see pic. But I thought it wasn’t seasoned well. Menu description said it came with butter and mayo. I didn’t taste either one. Plain old lobster meat would be great but the meat didn’t taste super fresh. The bread was also subpar. It was like a plain piece of toasted white bread folded in half. After the first bite, the whole thing started falling apart.

The chowder was tasty, lots of corn, thick and creamy, but I didn’t get any lobster taste, even with the sprinkling of lobster meat in the middle.

Overall, it seems like they have new business jitters. One other thing I didn’t care for, they list on the menu kettle cooked chips for $3, it seems to imply that they make it fresh. Come to find out it means a small pre-packaged bag. For that price, it’s a complete rip off. I understand paying a little for regional branded chips. But $3 and the way it’s marked on the menu I thought was shady.

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I would say that’s corn chow-da not corn & lobster. Tossing a couple of bites of lobster into corn chowder doesn’t make it corn/lobster chowder. (…and not digging the way the lobtsa roll looks)


Thanks for taking one for the team @jase

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Went to Lobster & Beer last week. Skip it. Not a great operation they have right now. I also tried Knuckle & Claw, and despite a higher cost, it’s terrific. Lobster roll is legit there.