Lobster in the SFV?

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for lobster in the SFV. All types and ethnicity would be most appreciated. Traffic is getting the best of us and sometimes we’d prefer to stay closer.

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The Joint

New Port seafood and all the spin offs of it.

If you cook 99 Ranch has been having regular specials on small lobsters, around 1 1/2 lbs., for $9/lb. Not sure if this helps.


Is Newport or any of the spin offs located in the SFV? Genuine question.

Ha totally my bad. I read this as SGV. Was wondering if this was a legit question or not.

Ignore and carry on…

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A&W and EMC are the only 2 places in the SFV I know of doing Asian style lobster

Never heard of EWC. Just looked it up; lobster is only listed w/ the seafood tower, but maybe they’ll let someone order it a la carte off-menu?

Is it Asian style? They have poke and sashimi, but the menu didn’t strike me as being particular Asian otherwise.

I bet if you called Sam woo they would cook a lobster purchased from 99 ranch next door.

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Sorry I looked at the published online menu again and it looks like they took off all of the larger menu items including the lobster. You can see what the item used to be if you scroll down to the Arcadia menu.

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Never eaten there but there’s Delmonico’s in Encino. They used to have an All you can eat brunch that included lobster.

And doesn’t Monty’s Steak House in Woodland Hills do lobster? Or maybe it’s just tails.


The Drunken Crab has lobster on the menu. This is not a white tablecloth place however. http://www.thedrunkencrab.com/Home

Thanks everyone for the replies! There are a couple of promising options for going out locally which we will try. (I ended up cooking tails this week twice). Despite Delmonicos being around for quite a while, I don’t know anyone who has been there.

I work across the street. Maybe it’s more of a dinner place; I have seen virtually no one going in/out during lunch.

All of a sudden, thinking about how long Delmonico’s has been there, I got to thinking about the Monty’s in Encino and the old Fireside Inn.