Locally made guanciale?

My friends are looking for locally-made guanciale for some cooking experiment. Is anyone still making guanciale in this pandemic world?


I know Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica sells some but I don’t know & doubt that it’s local. It’s is however very very good. I’ve used it often.

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At Eataly the other day I saw Tempesta (Chicago) guanciale, as well as two or three imported ones, maybe one other domestic.

Not locally made, but imported is guaranteed to be true to type:

We got some great guanciale at Italia recently when we went to check out Furn Sag in Northridge of all places!


But it prob wasn’t domestic.

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Great products from Alle Pia up in Central Coast. You can also see their products in various retailers around the city, including Eataly.

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I think that place is also supposed to have really good sandwiches?

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That Italian place does have pretty good sandwiches, not as good as The Sandwich at Roma Deli in Pasadena though. However, if I’m looking for a sandwich, I’m going to get something from Furn Saj 9 times out of 10. That place is like crack. Also, the butcher/ BBQ place next door makes some really great dishes as well.