Lodge Bread brick and mortar open in Culver City

Ah fuck - that fucking could be it!!!

Westsidegal, don’t feel bad. The days I bake fresh bread, we have a MUCH simpler dinner because the hubster and I know - we’re going to eat primarily fresh bread and butter : )


And I had to…

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Jase -

That photo is KILLER.

I make blueberry jam, so I’m picky. Most places use pectin and it’s more a blueberry gel. I order it and then get depressed.

This photo looks like the real deal. Pretty awesome, thank you!

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Agreed. My partner and I can eat our way through most of a loaf of good bread. For me, I like it w/ a little burrata, arugula, and prosciutto. =)

Off-topic: @Happybaker: I asked my partner about the name of the chocolate-flavored beer, but I can’t remember the name again! I’ll ask him later…

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I didn’t care for the cinnamon roll at all. Too dense and dry. The sourness of the icing ovewhelmed any sweetness the roll had. Overall it was a failure for me.

Jase, I agree 110% and that’s no fucking joke.

That mulberry jam on toast with salt crystals is quite another thing though.

Their coffee is not great, er espresso drinks. But I really like the look of their fucking espresso machine.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.

Yes, the toast was great. They cut a thick generous portion which results in a nice crunch on the outside yielding to a softer exterior. Good balance of the jam with the bread. I’d eat that regularly.

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I agree on all points except I still like the icing. I’m no expert in the art of making bread, but I do enjoy the products of their efforts. An increase in moisture, a reduction in density and height, and more sweetness in the cinnamon swirl is what I personally prefer.

I think one can put on only so much icing on to the top surface. This alone limits the icing to bread proportions, and for a pastry/bread like a cinnamon roll, most would probably find the bread to far outweigh the other aspects.

Where are your sandwich fixins from?

Yes, same here.

Jase, you’ve probably noticed that the toasts that Lodge serves are different from the rounds. I may have mentioned this already, but the breads served as toasts are baked in loaf pans, thus the different shape and texture. This is what initially threw me when I first commented on the texture of their breads.

My son likes the loaf style, as he brings sandwiches for lunch to school. I will have to ask if they sell loaves the next time I’m in.

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Maple Block, although I would advise eating them separately. I just had to try it.

This bread stands best with jam or a nice French butter/maldon IMO.

Tonight I may try to find a nice soup and dunk the bread it in as I am still experimenting with it. Simplicity seems to be best served with such a high quality product, in both the BBQ and the bread in this case.

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After really enjoying their country round last week, all I could think of was to slather slices of Lodge’s bread with soft gooey cheeses and pate - we did. We ate it smothered with good butter along side a nice green salad as well. Really simple bread-centered meal.

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dunno where you chose to get the cheese, but, for the future, a good source of cheese that is CLOSE TO LODGE is

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Wheel House is on our list. WF is quick and dirty - they almost always have the usual suspects. And Bristol Farms always carries a solid selection. We chose La Tur from Italy. It’s available at most cheese counters and is a known quantity in our home. It’s one of the more mature soft cheeses that even our kids will eat.

it appears that there is a good amount of overlap in our regular rotations… .

I have no shame - I stalk those with great taste.

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right back at you

Damn. I wish the fucking Lodge were open on Monday mornings. I’m craving that mulberry jam toast once again.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.