Lodge Bread Pizza Night

Lodge bread had a pizza night tonight.

They served one type of pie:
Bell’s ricotta, torpedo onions, garlic and Turkish olives.

It was delicious

They were entirely sold out 50 minutes after they opened.

for a picture, take a look at their facebook page:


Good heavens. That is s stunning pie!

tasted even better than it looked.

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It seems very Una Pizza Napolentana-esque in how it functions

That event was on my radar. I had a bet with my friend that they’d sell out of pizza in less than 90 minutes. Are they going to do it again?

i think they will do it again.
dunno when, dunno how frequently.

Every Sunday, per their post:

Everyone on FTC is gonna be at Lodge this Sunday lmao

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Pizza will sell out in less than 30 minutes.

I would imagine people will begin lining up around 4:30, so the question will more so be about who gets in line first I guess.

Last time they sold out in 50 minutes, presumably cooking at full capacity the whole time though, and in anticipating higher demand, perhaps they might still last a full hour?

Looks like they’ve got things evened out here.

Solid pizza. I gave some to a die-hard Brooklynite at an art gallery last in the night, and she said it was her favorite pizza by far that she’s eaten since moving out here.

Really unusual. If you’ve had their country loaf it really kind of hearkens back to it. I suspect there are pizza snobs that would demand it be called Lodge Bread Flatbread Night.

But the concept is spectacular, and the pizza are oddly tasty, in fantastically unusual combinations of toppings. I am also a huge fan of having only a single option (though technically there were two last night w/ or without egg)

Also the three guys that run the place have great energy, and are superstars in the service category. The whole place just has a vibe that makes you want to be there every Sunday night. I wonder how long before it’s a line-out-the-door kind of event…

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last night, when i walked out of the place at about six, the kitchen was still humming along as though they could go on for hours.

they slightly modified the assembly set-up so that the whole process was more efficient.
also, it seemed like there was a higher proportion of to-go orders so the space was not as crowded.

(when you only have three guys in a tiny space, every improvement is meaningful.)

(aesthete: I’M a brooklynite!
i ADORE the pizza at Lodge, but it has little resemblance to brooklyn pizza.
it is it’s own, phenomenal, delicious, invention.
i would not assume that because your brooklyn friend liked it, that all brooklynites will.
this is NOT, in any essential way, NY pizza.
it IS sublime pizza, though.)

Well, so far 100% of Brooklynites I know who’ve tried it have thought it was the best pizza in LA lol

I don’t think it’s quintessentially NYC pizza, just the closest thing to the kind of crust she said she missed or something shrugs

I got there last night just before six…so we probably crossed paths. I sat inside eating pizza and working till 7, and they were still making pies. Official hours are 5-8 (or until they run out), but yeah, certainly seems they are setup to last the whole 3 hours.

were you the person who sat down at the bar and opened his laptop at about 6?
if so, i was sitting next to you.

Ooh, an unknown FTC encounter!

Did they run out of pizzas? I want to go but am worried about that…

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they certainly looked like they were very well-stocked when i left at 6 and aesthete said that they were still churning them out when he left at 7.

They will pretty much have pizza until 8 every week now.

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They were MUCH better prepared this week. I still could not attend but followed their antics online. :slight_smile:


Another remarkable pizza night; I hope they continue to get funkier with their cheeses!

Can we band together and convince them to do an epoisses pizza???


What are the toppings???

Maybe we should have an FTC meetup there. :slight_smile:

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