Long Beach Convention Center Sunday Night 8 pm show - Any early dinner suggestions?

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The couple we are going with are not the most adventurous diners…any ideas? Was thinking James Enoteca on the way down from Westside, but something closer with a “one-parking” for dinner and show might be a good option.


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The LA FTC answer for LBC would obviously be Cambodian! Not adventurous, well it seems like LBC also has solid brunch options. Dinner time? Skip 2nd St the parking situation is horrible and there is no really destination spots imo. Hmmm Convention Center around dinner time?

I’ll personally go with George’s Greek Cafe or Michaels Downtown Italian Kitchen (part of the trio of Michaels in LBC famous for its pizza) than hit up the very underrated (lack of foodie media attention) Long Beach Creamery. George’s is fine for a local casual spot, Michaels is probably the best Italian Italian in the area, and Long Beach Creamery makes some of the best cream imo in the greater LA area.


Hard second on long beach creamery. Awesome ice cream. Criminally underrated.


Thanks - I would do Cambodian in the same heartbeat that might lead to ventricular tachycardia in our guests (sigh). Next time.

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I think Ellie’s might be a good option. Not super close, but in the same vicinity. Their food is pretty tasty and while the setting is small, it’s cozy and if the weather is nice, the patio is lovely.

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How about something in Gardena/Torrance? Otafuku is close-ish to the 405. You also have Inaba and Torimatsu in the area.

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BYOdefibrillator to the restaurant.

Jame Enoteca remains very solid on my last visit. It’s nowhere near the LBC, but, for your guests, it will be delightful.


nice looking menu!

For less adventurous diners, Sir Winston’s or Chelsea Chowder House on the Queen Mary is nearby.

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Beechwood Brewery & BBQ or Michael’s Pizzeria next door. Walking distance to Convention Center. Are you seeing Sarah McClaughin?

Yes - seeing sarah!

I was going as well, had to sell my two tickets on Monday due to a conflict. Have fun!!!

Will the concert be sponsored by the ASPCA?

(Those commercials hit me in the feels)


Thanks. Bummer you have to miss it.:cry:

We loved Ellie’s!
Thanks @attran99. Location worked great.
The food was terrific - wonderful vegetable dishes and pastas. Really deft hands with spicing and flavors. Service couldn’t have been nicer.
What a fantastoc theater (Terrace Theater)!
And Sarah was in fantastic voice.


Glad you had a wonderful time!

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