Loreley is open - german pub


La Brea and Lexington
very beautiful inside! Didn’t eat. just stopped in, saw it was open.

Interesting that its food menu is significantly more truncated than its NYC brethren.

I’m glad they have an outdoor space; it’s what made the NYC location a bit unique.

Yeah, that’s about the most truncated German food menu I’ve seen.

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Didn’t realize this was related to the New York one, interesting.

Only took them 4 1/2 years to open! Eater’s been writing about this space since at least 2012. Looking forward to trying it, as I live (relatively) walking distance.

maybe since it just opened?

Was the food any good at the NYC location?


Loreley’s major charms are its beer selection, and its outdoor seating area.

Think of their food like you would the food at Starbucks. Something to wash down the coffee with, or to simply break the monotony of coffee coffee coffee.

Good to know. Partner likes German food, but he likes beer, too, so at least our expectation have been tempered, should we end up going…