Los Angeles Times Food Bowl 2018 Night Market: A Pictorial Essay

Grand Park in Downtown L.A. is indeed a grand setting for this event. Entry bracelet into the “Super Market” area costs $10 per person daily. The entrees are average $10 each (cash and cards are accepted).




Setup for the Outstanding in the Field Filipino Feast…


Vegan lasagna by Secret Lasagna…


Holy Trinity (2 ribs, 1 red hot, 1/4 brisket, slaw, pickles) by Bludso’s Bar & Que… 'Dat brisket… Oh man, so plump…


Skewers (king oyster mushrooms, kurobuta sausages, scallops with Kewpie mayo & rice pops), by RBTA / Fat Dragon… That earthy fat king oyster mushroom is a ‘must try’ at this event.


Hainan chicken rice & winter melon tea, by Sidechick… Always good.


Hong Kong roast meats (roast duck leg with plum sauce, char siu ribs & pork jowl char siu), by Pearl River Deli… This is ( @JLee ) Chef Johnny Lee’s HK roasties project - Delicious. Pork jowl was especially fantastic.


“Jazz Burger”, mango with sticky rice, Thai iced tea, by Jitlada…


Wanderlust Creamery…


There were plenty of seats/tables available when I went. And queues were not long for any particular booths. Fun times!




Los Angeles Times Food Bowl 2018 Night Market
Grand Park
Downtown L.A.
May 16, 2018 through May 20, 2018


went there on Wed night, favorites were Johnny’s (Pearl River Deli) pork jowl Char Siu,
Dia de los Puercos quesadillas,

i also had Wanderlust Creamery, RBTA skewers, and also some Secret Lasanga.

Pretty fun night.


We went on Thursday. We had a great time last year. We had a good time this year. But it was obviously downsized and overall the selection of vendors and the food offered was kinda meh.

Our favorite was Pearl River Deli from Chef Lee. We got the combo which was a steal for what we got. Two pieces of duck, Belly and Ribs. I love five spice and there was plenty there, I just wish there was perhaps a little sesame seeds sprinkled on top for contrast. Also perhaps some some pickled cucumber to cut the carb on meat action. Still, I totally would order these items again in a more complete menu setting.

I was so looking forward to the Secret Lasagne… But what they served was not lasagne. It was some kinda shredded ratatouille. It was VERY good and I understand they might have wanted to appeal to more people going vegan… but don’t show up hyping a concept based on your awesome lasagna and then serve something “lasagna-ish” instead.

I was also looking forward to Asia Dog… but they used the most horrid cheap hot dogs. Again. I understand that this type of outreach might not be a huge money maker for them, but if this is the impression they actually make… they are losing more money than they think…

Finally, speaking of impressions… The whole thing just didn’t seem put together well. There was plenty of security. Nice DJ set up. But it could have just been a neighborhood festival like the ones they do all over the place like in Burbank. Perhaps on the weekend they had ‘programs’ but there was very little reason to stay ‘there’ aside from eating. Further, they unnecessarily gave some vendors TERRIBLE placement. The poor Pizza Fire Truck, Dang Pizza that was there came all the way from San Diego and got the WORST spot, we totally did a pity purchase because in talking to them, they just didn’t feel the L.A. Times love. At LA Weekly events, they always has staff there to make sure guests and the vendors are getting what they need. There was nothing like that here. Now to think of it, I don’t think I recall seeing that last year either. So it’s no wonder that fewer vendors were there.