Los Feliz eats tonight

Going to a Scotch tasting with some friends tonight in the Los Feliz area. I’m not too familiar with the area. Any suggestions on what to eat afterwards? All cuisines are acceptable. One of us is on a budget so no more than $30 (including tax and tip) would be appreciated. Extra points if the location has a good bar or wine selection.

Little Dom’s would fit the bill. It’s a local favorite with fun vibe and good (but not great) food.

Little Dom’s a solid recc for upgraded red sauce Italian and cocktails. The pizza is actually pretty dope.

Other suggestions are the new El Chavo which has received mix and passionate reviews on this board. Offalo unloaded some terrific pics. L&E Oyster is another that comes to mind.

El Chavo, the Good Greek Grill…

Are you willing to drive like 2 min out of Los Feliz? If so, then Night + Market Song, and Alimento become options to the east, or the whole of Thai town to the west. (Yai is practically in Los Feliz though, as is Wat Dong Moon Lek).

Is that Los Feliz?.. Is that side of the street Los Feliz and the other side with Alimento Silver Lake then? I may be confused… I always thought Alimento was in Silver Lake?

Being from Los Feliz, Silverlake could be closer than some locations considered to be in LF (eg. Good Luck Bar is just about 1.5 miles from L&E). If you had to be rigid on LF, there’s Messhall (not great, not horrible). Actually, for more scotch and decent eats, the sandwich bar at the Tam O’ Shanter is a blast if you’re in the mood for a pub environment. Farfalla which is a neighborhood favorite for Italian is not bad either, but it’s small (could be a wait) and loud. Of all of them, L&E has the best (and geekiest) wine list.

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L&E is definitely Silver Lake. Also not really doable for under $30.

$30 including tax and tip will be difficult at most places unless you don’t drink.

Little Doms, Mess Hall, and Farfalla are all good options in Los Feliz.

Drive 5-10 minutes into Thai town if budget is really tight.

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Oops didn’t see that budget. I feel that you could eat decently at Alimento for $30 without alcohol, also Night + Market Song. A person could just eat a bowl of Khao Soi that would come out to like $18, they could get a beer or pork toro to go with it even!

But, yeah, nothing would beat the bounty of Thai town, where I am not sure I’ve ever exceeded $30/person…hell, I’m not sure I’ve even reached it before.

I sure do love some cochinita pibil at Yuca’s. Although it’s probably a bit more casual than what you are looking for. Also very casual but lively is Spitz.


In keeping with Pastry Month (and your friend’s budget)…

House of Pies?

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Covell or Sapp.


And Yuca’s has the best burger for under $5.

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You could get two whole pies for about $30.

But that’s ridiculous not because you’d actually order and eat two whole pies at a sitting, but that House of Pies only lets you buy whole pies to-go.

WTF? Do they have something against gluttons?

I do like Covell.

is this kevin…under a new name?

Thanks all for your suggestions. We ended up at Little Dom before the Scotch tasting. It was perfect. We shared some light bites and pasta.
Following the tasting the group wanted Greenblatt’s so we went there. While the pastrami was fine, I much prefer Langer’s.

Which ceases to be available after 4 PM; Greenblatt’s remains so until 2 AM, so having Langer’s fit into any kind of outing such as the one you were on is literally impossible.

If there’s better pastrami in LA between the hours of 4 PM and 2 AM than Greenblatt’s I’d love to know about it.

It wasn’t a criticism nor a complaint. Just a statement that I prefer Langer’s pastrami to what I had at Greenblatt’s.

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