Lots of First Time Posters Recently

Great to see. Hope they stick around and contribute. Maybe all of the great intel and recon we’ve (not me) been doing on new restaurants and getting mentions in Eater is driving new users.

Don’t scare them away. You know who I’m talking to.


Darn. It’s my garlic breath isn’t it…


Funny. I was just thinking the same thing this morning.

there may be more first timers than you realize, depending on how you become aware; FTC highlights first time posts - but applies the same logic if the first post is a private message - in which case the first public post is no longer identified as such. i discovered this recently when a lurker PM’d me before posting publicly.

if we want to be aware of first timers, so as to welcome them, that logic should perhaps be tweaked to post the notification when the first activity is a post vs. a PM.

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@ipsedixit was so wonderful with new people. I remember feeling welcome and protected. Let’s be like ipse, as an homage. :slight_smile:


He just disappeared. What’s up

Not that long ago.

I reported that to Discourse support.

He’s around, just hasn’t posted. He’s done some moderator tasks.

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i can recall at least one instance on CH when he belittled a first time poster whose vocabulary and grammar made it appear that english was not their first language. i don’t consider that one of his greatest moments.

Jeff Atwood said that that’s by design, so I guess they like that logic for some reason.

I could change the settings so that users need to reach trust level 2 before they can send direct messages.

well, i feel like i’ve done my part by pointing out what i consider to be a design flaw. changing permission to send PM’s would deal with that, though i have no idea what it takes to reach trust level 2. i leave it to you to determine what provides the best utility for everyone involved. if it’s a priority to recognize first time posters, resetting the trust level to restrict people from making a PM their first attempt to communicate on the board would mitigate the design flaw. .i doubt most people would even notice.

I joined this site in the very beginning. A very small group of people . After getting kicked out of chowhound I was lucky to find this site . It was a site with very limited rules which was fantastic to me . Where’s Kevin . Let people in .


You got kicked out of CH? You are so nice! What did you do, lol?

the fact that they set the functionality to limit the ability to send private messages is IMO a tacit admission that people can somehow be hurt or taken advantage of through the use of PM’s. in this case, they would be potentially hurting themselves by circumventing the notification for a first post. if someone joined FTC and started sending a series of inappropriate messages, setting the trust level to 2 would be protecting members of FTC.

it’s your board, so i see it as your call.but like i said before, i doubt anyone would notice if you made the change.

trust level 2 allows users to ignore other users. interesting…

Never answered their emails of what I was doing wrong . I was a trouble maker. Like woody woodpecker.

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Same here. CBS accused me of violating their terms of service, but wouldn’t tell me specifically what, because I hadn’t.

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They gave me a “time-out” for some real or perceived infraction (I don’t remember what they thought I did wrong), and wanted me to write them back with remorse or something, stating why I should be allowed to be reinstated. Like that was going to happen.