LOUNTZA - Where to buy in Astoria NYC


I’m looking for a specific type of Cypriot smoked/cured pork, and I know through some light internet research that certain Greek-Cypriot restaurants have it on the menu. Was curious if anyone knew of a deli or restaurant that would sell cuts of the meat or whole portions as a take home item.

FYI, Lountza is a cured pork tenderloin or loin (similar to Italian Lonza) but marinated in wine, salted, sund dried, and often smoked.

It’s really difficult to find in the US and I’m sure most of the restaurants are probably making it in house if they carry it. But was hoping maybe someone would have knowledge of a distributor or purveyor that would sell. I’m located in LA, and it’s non-existent here, even the Greek markets don’t know it. I’ll be back east for the holidays and would love to pick some up, as I’ll have friends in NY, or I’ll go myself.

Thanks in advance fam!

Will keep an eye out for it, sounds interesting

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Thanks! It’s delicious, best in a Halloumi & Lountza sandwich with tomato/cucumber, little bit of mayo!