Love wally's

Wally’s needs more love here. Had not had dinner there for several months, but went last night and sat outside. Wine and service was great. People watching is classic and food is outstanding. Maybe the best grilled octopus in town. Heirloom tomato (special salad) was incredibly crisp and refreshing. Also had a curry cailiflower dish that was very good and the fried egg prosutto pizza was one of the better pizzas I can remember. Definately back on the rotation. Note they dont take reservations but lots of seating mostly communal although the front patio is generally two tops.


A bit confused about why a restaurant would proudly advertise that they serve Harris Ranch beef right on their menu. That place is a truly disgusting feedlot that you’ve all smelled driving on the 5. 115 degrees every summer day with no shade, covered in shit and insects.

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How many cattle ranches have you visited that doesn’t smell bad?

about 4. you don’t understand the difference between this california ranch

and this finishing feed lot?

my point was only that it’s surprising they’re willing to disclose this… just like huntington meats… this is something to hide if anything…

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Anyway, sorry to go off topic… the restaurant looks and sounds pretty damn good… gross meat sourcing notwithstanding… appreciate the recommendation

putting the discussion of which is “better” aside for a moment, isn’t the disclosure of where their beef comes from

Yes. It’s preferred but why would they do it? Obviously they don’t have to. Is it because it sounds like a nice place and people don’t really know? Don’t they risk people just google searching Harris Ranch and dry heaving?

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Most people believe Harris Ranch is an amazing ranch with amazing beef for some reason. I don’t know how to explain it, but amongst non-foodie types, it is considered prized beef.

When I ate at Wally’s in the past I found the food to be basically foodie-type food for non-foodies, so the Harris Ranch advertisement makes perfect sense.

Yeah, I gotta agree, that is quite bizarre. Especially so given the price and clientele, just goes to show I suppose.


The clientele are wealthy Beverly Hills folks who associate price with quality in a blind way.

I guess I assumed that Wally’s garnered some of its support from its wine and specialty food aficionados and in doing so would do the same for the menu program at the restaurant.

The meat tastes pretty damn good. It’s a finishing lot, where cows are fattened up on corn in final few months of life. I don’t think the horrible conditions effect meat quality negatively very much. So basically ethical considerations aside, it does please foodies. I guess my issues are more on the ethics side. We don’t generally know or see how things are in finishing lots, it just so happens we get to drive by this one and can see it clearly.

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Ah well there you go then.

That was certainly a Trump like generalization. Try the food and then report back. The only beef I have had there is the burger which was very good (and yes expensive). However, their salads, octopus, pizzas and wine service are IMO very good. By the way, if you just want a pizza and salad, its not too pricy at all.

I’ve eaten their food too many times already haha

you don’t understand the difference between this california ranch

and this finishing feed lot?

I understand that I’ll be able to consistently afford beef from one and not the other.

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Speaking of which, does anyone know where these were sourced from?

With this guy, I’d be worried where that pointing finger has been…


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yea… also probably not fair of me to compare a finishing lot to a grazing pasture.