Low-Traffic Westside Spot to Host Weekly Meetup?

I run a weekly meetup that meets from 7-10 pm on Wednesday in the Wine Bar at the Westside Pavilion. They’ve been gracious about the arrangement but it’s becoming steadily more untenable as they host more events which take up the space, and the size of our group is getting to the point where we’re starting to take up too many chairs. So I’m considering relocating the group, but I’m not really clear on what my options are.

Low-traffic (mostly so that we’re not cutting into any profit margins, which might make any negotiation easier, and also keeps the volume down)
Easily available parking (doesn’t have to be free - $5 or less would be ideal)
Walking-distance access to food & restroom (so it doesn’t, strictly speaking, have to be a restaurant, but at least in the vicinity of one)
Westside location (ideally as close to the Pavilion as possible, but a few miles out is fine, especially if it’s easily accessible on public transit)
Open until ~10 pm

Our group size is ~10-12 people, plus or minus. Most of us are omnivores, and while we do have one vegetarian and one person who doesn’t eat red meat, fulfilling those criteria isn’t strictly necessary, just a bonus (same with food quality in general - the only line they drew was above Del Taco).

I have no idea how to go about trying to arrange this sort of thing, or even if any restaurants would be interested in the arrangement. I’m prepared to part with some small sum (per week) if necessary, though as we do order some food and drinks, finding a place that would profit from us filling otherwise-empty tables on a regular basis and would be happy to host us for free would be ideal.

Help along any lines - likely locations, suggestions for who/how to ask/negotiate, etc - would be appreciated!

I’ve really liked going to the Stalking Horse Pub on Pico (maybe a block or two east of the Westside Pavilion if that) by myself for a quick bite on weekdays these days. Actually found out about it on Eater LA’s “hottest restaurants in LA” list a month or two ago!

The few times I’ve gone, they’ve had low to medium traffic, but the space is pretty large. The fare is British pub food (think pot pies, welsh rarebit) cooked to above-average quality, and they have vegan versions of every major dish (e.g., impossible burgers, or impossible meat substituting into their pot pies). They’re also open until 12am - 1am most nights, and I found out the other day that they have a Happy Hour menu STARTING at 10pm on weeknights.


Century City Mall Food Court


Oooh. Fun thought with all that is there now. Can you have wine?

This is a great idea, I’ll try talking to them!

Also an excellent idea, though parking is a little pricier than I’d like. Still, it does (probably) fit all the other criteria, though I’ll need to see how feasible group seating is there (in terms of not being told off by mall security for moving chairs around, or loitering, or whatever).

If it’s on a Friday, I don’t know if that’d be low traffic (although I think @T3t mentioned previously that the group met on a Wed?). The whole mall (food court included) was totally mobbed on one Friday (but this was shortly after Eataly opened).

If it’s not on a weekend, this might be a good choice.

Yes, we do meet on Wednesday! Not sure how I forgot to put that in; edited.