Lucky Boy Substitute

What’s a good lucky boy substitute? I know lucky boy is not amazing but, it’s solid. I’m thinking Astroburger is kinda close. Anything else you can think of? Don’t want to drive to Pasadena. Think thin patty with that thousand island dressing, mcdonalds type sauce. Prefer charbroiled.

I was so sure this was going to be a breakfast burrito thread.


Fatburger perhaps?

Or Umami. They recently changed up their menu and now the Umami Cheeseburger is a thin patty, thousand island burger. I thought it was pretty good (I got the double).


Just had fatburger for the first time in a while. I don’t think they are in Lucky boys league personally. It seems like that style of burger is becoming a lost art with all the fancy burgers around. With the caveat that I haven’t been, maybe cassell’s in Koreatown?


Cassells does a good burger and it has all the veggies/thousand island that make it a California style burger but not the same charbroiled taste.

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Not sure where you’re coming from but I’m always happy to stump for Everest whose burgers are explicitly charbroiled and come with thousand island dressing. I was told recently they’re an offshoot of the Tops Burgers family (who are also pretty decent but largely in the Pasadena area).

Also, I haven’t tried this yet only because I keep ordering other stuff but I’m curious if anyone’s had the burger at George’s in Boyle Heights. Their burritos are pretty solid so I’d hope the burger is good.

Finally, I don’t think this meets the thousand island part of your request but I recall Yuca’s has a decent cheap burger but it’s been years since I tried one.


Yuca’s makes one of my favorite burgers in LA!

God I miss that burger!

I also like Hinano’s burger. I know the parking situation sucks but still

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Haha. I’ve found the substitute Breakfast Burrito.

George’s is approved by our very own Dommy!

It is owned by Armando from Guisados and to me it looks like a very good what I call “So Cal Diner”…____(insert male name) Burgers serving burritos, pastrami, fries, etc

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I was always happy with Rick’s Drive In and Out on Fletcher for that style of burger.

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Everest looks good but, too neat. LOL. Man, I was next door to George’s last week, I was thinking of stopping. I hadn’t heard of it, but it looked like a place that might have a decent charbroiled burger. These look like good recommendations. Will try them.Thanks!

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Completely forgot about Rick’s! Glad I asked thanks. I’ve never gotten the burger, just always used to get the hard shell tacos, season them bland suckas and go to town.

I almost put this in my original post. Don’t come in here with no fancy, schmancy burgers.


Hah! Trust me, they wrap it up nice but it eats real sloppy.

…but if that’s an issue I also recommend Troy’s Drive-in #6 in Glendale. I rarely recommend them because I think Everest is better in most ways but Troy’s is 1) real cheap, 2) real messy, 3) the burger comes with fries, and 4) fry sauce. Mentally, I kind of put them in the same caliber as Rick’s (who I also like).

There are also other Troy’s around LA (as the name implies) but I’ve never been to them and I don’t even know if they’re owned by the same people any more.

I don’t think George’s is charbroiled… but the burgers here are SOO good. Get the Pastrami or Chili Burger… delish. Also, they do Hashbrowns similar to McDonalds, but are so much better… Always worth a visit…

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Slander! Or…libel…?

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 2.19.29 PM

I didn’t know they had these! I gots to swing by and try that and their pastrami burger.


I could have sworn they only had a flat top when I’ve been there. But it has been a while.

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Oh wow! I didn’t realize that… I just remember seeing their nice shiny griddle… but that does make sense their Carne Asada is better than most similar places in San Diego (Which is a high compliment!) Thanks for setting me straight! :slight_smile:


Asada Shot!

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I’m totally kidding, I would believe if it’s not really char-broiled. I’m not really even positive what char-broiling is.

It’s kind of like places that have a big ol’ sign that says they have broasted chicken:
download (1)

Oh, Just remembered Big Jo’s. Not sure if it’s charbroiled or not though.

Without a doubt, it is unequivocally factual that George’s offers either a charcoaled or flat top “grill” option for their burgers. What’s key is to specify which style you prefer upon ordering or they will default to the flat top.

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